Clareia means clear

it is actually what they call Lua Cheia which means Full Moon in Portuguese. In sacred Brazilian cultures in the jungle, they refer to Lua Cheia as a guide for them and call upon her for Clarity, Singing:

 I am Lua Cheia the creator of Clareia

I have been an alchemist and involved in organic, pure, holistic health for 9 years now.

My inspiration is from my deep communion with flowers, my connection to the waters, and the knowing that we can program water with frequencies and intention. This alone inspires me to infuse, combine, perform alchemy and attune water with the flowers. As they are such a pure heavenly frequency.

Aqua Florida - Luminous Liquid Light

This is my sacred flower water, filled with 144+ organic, homegrown and wild-crafted flowers of the most purest vibrations to Uplift your spirit, Inspire your heart, Activate your senses & bring utmost joy to your being.
This activation water is made with Pure Intention & overflowing Love in a crystal grid, on a water altar, Infused with prayers of peace, love, purification, harmony, bliss and rejuvenation.

I tune all the products with 432hz singing bowls and harps to attune them to a very pure, clear, harmonic vibration.
As water can be tuned to whatever the intention is.

I do an 100+ flower (dried and fresh) infusion in the purest 190 proof organic honey spirit alcohol made by a friend and incredible bee keeper in north Washington. Then combine all the flowers, oils of silver, gold, crystal essences I make, flower essences I handmade, along with many of the purest, rarest essential oils, attars, absolutes and resins. To bring together a fusion of a true field and forest of flowers, that while complex, is very cohesive and simple in its finish.

I literally make this singing, dancing and streaming with so much joy through my being. I make it for everyday enjoyment and love to spread to all my friends, family and those who need some uplifting and joyful purity in their lives.

All this comes from a combination of all these experiences as well as being inspired from the moon, the stars, the waters, all things fluid, pure and that bring soothing peace.

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