Clearwater Cultures Ambassadors

The meaning of an ambassador: a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.
Welcome to Clearwater Cultures Ambassador Plan.
Here at Clearwater Cultures, we wanted to create a different form of Brand Ambassadors. It is a way for you to earn free products with NO obligation or cost, by simply spreading the word! There are many ways to do this and you get to set your own pace.
So Here is the Pitch!
  1. Email us at: stating your interest in the ambassador program.
  2. After Approval, we will provide you with a unique discount code for 10% off, with which to give others when promoting the products. This code gives incentive for new buyers to experience the products at a discounted price.
  4. You can Blog, Vlog (video blogging), word of mouth, host parties, etc. Spreading the word is up to you!!!
  5. With this code you will need to get 5 people who buy products with a minimum of a $40.00 purchase while using your code so we can keep track of whom you've directed to the website. (This code excludes Bulk Creams in Glass Jars and Bundles)
  6. For every 5 people that use your code, we will send you products of your choice, free of cost. This is approximately a $60 retail value.  EXAMPLE: Healing Cream 2 oz., Medicinal Mushroom All Purpose Body Spray 4oz., & the Rejuvenating Rice Ferment Hair Treatment Quart Size. All of this equals retail value of $59.00.  (This offer excludes Bulk Creams in Glass Jars and Bundles). The more people per month, the more free products. (5) people = $60.00 (10) people = $120.00 (15) people = $180.00
  7. We will send out the reward bundles at the beginning of each month. You will receive an email letting you know how many times your code was used during the previous month. You can then reply to that email which free products you would like to receive. You will need to respond by the 10th of each month, which is when the offer expires. Your sales will carry over from month to month as well. EXAMPLE: Month of June you had 7 people use your code. We will count 5 people towards your free bundle and you will start July with 2 people towards your next free bundle of goodies.
  8. To help you out, we offer Ambassador Bundles at discounted price. These Bundles are 100% optional to purchase, but you are only allowed to purchase each bundle one time. These bundles were created with the intent to help get you started.  So you can try a wide range of products, some new and maybe some old. They range in price from $40.00 to $160.00. You will get to choose some of the products so you can personalize the bundle to your liking. If there isn't something we have offered in the bundle that you would like, please email us and we will try to work with you and figure something out. Hopefully these Bundles will provide some kind of inspiration so you can tell others about your relationship you've developed with the products.
  9. To purchase one of the Ambassador Bundles simply email us with your personalized options. Tell us either: Beauty Routine Bundle, Bundle A, Bundle B, Bundle C, or Bundle D. Each Bundle is linked below for you to look over and consider.
Beauty Routine
      We thank all our wonderful supporters and are looking forward to working closer with you in the future.
      With many Thanks and Blessings,
      the Clearwater Cultures Family.

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