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Bug Off Bundle

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This is just in time for summer and bug season!

Bug Off: is a very unique probiotic skin spray made from 24 natural bug repelling medicinal herbs cultured in probiotic rich kombucha vinegar, with organic plant oils including jojoba, sunflower and castor, and essential oils of eucalyptus, orange, rosemary, lavender, lemon, thyme, cedarwood and peppermint. Bug Off is made from a 4-step, 4-month culturing process where all the different ingredients are joined together in a specific sequence to form a symbiotic colony of nutrients, medicinal properties and probiotics. Spray on skin and hair as often as desired to both repel bugs and tone skin with medicinal herbs and natural plant nutrients. If bites or stings do occur, spray on affected area to neutralize toxins and facilitate healing. This bug spray is not water repellent. Store with cap on to prevent the growth of probiotic microbes. When not in use store in refrigerator.

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Nature Thyme Soap:This soap is specially formulated to coat the skin with the herbal scents and medicinal healing properties of nature. This greenish-brown speckled bar is great for hunters, campers and nature enthusiasts who want to help mask their human scent from wild animals. This soap also coats the skin with powerful probiotic and herbal protectants that help repel bugs, parasites and pathogens, while revitalizing the skin with many organic nutrients. This is a scrubby soap with many exfoliates for deep cleansing.

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These Products are Pet Friendly also!!!