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Bug Off Spray

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Bug Off is a very unique probiotic skin spray made from 24 natural bug repelling medicinal herbs cultured in probiotic rich kombucha vinegar.  Includes essential oils of eucalyptus, orange, rosemary, lavender, lemon, thyme, cedarwood and peppermint. 

Suggested Use:

Spray on skin and hair as often as desired to both repel bugs and tone skin with medicinal herbs and natural plant nutrients. If bites or stings do occur, spray on affected area to neutralize toxins and facilitate healing.  Store with cap on to prevent the growth of probiotic microbes.

Natural Bug Repelling Herbs: Idaho Wild Tansy (flies, mosquitos, gnats, tics), Basil (flies, mosquitos), Thyme (lice, tics), Sage (flies, moths, beetles), Marigolds (mosquitos, aphids, maggots, flies), Mints (mosquitos, flies, ants, fleas), plantain (pulls out toxins from stings and bites), lavender (mosquitos, gnats, spiders, ants, moths, itching, stings, bites), wormwood (parasites), lemongrass (mosquitos, wasps), rose hips (skin toner and vital nutrients), rosemary (fleas, mosquitos), catnip (10 times more mosquito repellency than DEET), geranium (mosquitos, tics, lice), oregano (parasites), witch hazel (skin toner and astringent), yarrow (strong natural aroma with many medicinal properties for healing bites, scrapes, etc.), English walnut hulls (parasites), and Lemon peel (balances PH levels, improves skin tone).

Essential oils that repel bugs: eucalyptus (mosquitos, tics, lice), orange (fleas), rosemary (fleas, mosquitos), lavender (mosquitos, gnats, spiders, ants, moths), lemon (mosquitos), thyme (lice tics), cedarwood (natural disinfectant), peppermint (mosquitos, flies, ants, fleas).

Kombucha Vinegar: Kombucha is an ancient probiotic culture that starts out as a probiotic tea, but after culturing for several months, becomes a probiotic vinegar. It contains gluconic acid which chelates metals like aluminum from the body. It has a remarkable ability to detoxify the body, containing a powerful detoxifier glucuronic acid, which binds toxins and eliminates them from the body and helps prevent the harmful effects of toxins caused by plastics, pesticides, resins, heavy metals and petroleum products.

Kombucha possesses antibiotic properties which work against a range of pathogens, including staph and strep. Kombucha is rich in numerous antioxidants which strengthens the immune defense and boosts the energy levels of the body. The anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties of kombucha help the body fight various bacterial and viral infections, as well as fungal infections such as candida overgrowth.

Kombucha contains large amounts of organic acids such as glucuronic acids and powerful antioxidants, which help shield the body from oxidative damage.  It improves cell metabolism and immune system responses. Kombucha contains glucosamines which are beneficial in the prevention and treatment of all types of arthritis, stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid which helps maintain cartilage structure and relieve arthritic pain. Hyaluronic acid aids in reducing free radical damage, and preserves lubrication and elasticity of the joints. Kombucha contains anti-lipidemic properties, which help reduce the absorption of bad cholesterol and triglycerides, while it elevates the levels of good cholesterol in the body. It is a powerful detoxifier on its own, but when cultured and grown with many medicinal herbs, its healing properties are greatly enhanced. Many people report great improvements in their skin and hair after using kombucha vinegar topically. We concur! We love our kombucha/herbal cultures!

What you apply to your skin gets absorbed very quickly into your body. The immune system needs prebiotics (herbal plant fibers) and probiotics (pro-life beneficial microorganisms) to function properly. Even though our Bug Off Skin Spray is made to repel bugs, it has many other uses. The herbs we use in this formula are powerful anti-oxidants, detoxifiers and healers.

We are not licensed medical providers. We sincerely hope our soap and skin creams improve your health and well-being, but we make no guarantees. As in all things, trust your wisest eternal Self with your own individual life and body system.

We are required by the FDA to make the following statement: *

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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