Bundle A

This bundle gives you the Necessities! Click product category to see choices.

Probiotic Cream - Your Choice (1) (excludes Bulk Glass Jars)

Probiotic Soap - Your Choice out of the $15 soap Section (1)

Lip Balm - Your Choice (1)

Lymphatic Remedy Deodorant Salt Spray - Your Choice (1) - Vegan

Bath Time Option - You get to pick (1) product from our Bath time section (Example: (1) Bath soak or (1) Tea Bath)

This Bundle Retails at $67.50 (price varies depending on the cream chosen). The Ambassador price is $51.00. You will be saving roughly $16.50.  Ambassadors are allowed to purchase each bundle one time.

Email us if you would like to purchase: clearwatercultures@gmail.com Topic: Ambassador Bundle A