About KNF & LAB the newest probiotic we are using

Here at Clearwater Cultures we use many KNF techniques in our products, herb gardens, dairy goats, chickens and farm practices.  By increasing the microbial biodiversity on our farms, we hope to create regenerative systems that continue to produce superior healthcare products for the skin, hair and home. 


REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE:  We are what we eat and wear.  We basically have two choices in life, synthetic or natural.  Food, skincare products, and natural fabrics that are grown in soil, water and air teeming with probiotic microbiota create superior health and wellness.  Synthetic foods, clothing and chemicals create toxicity and destructive side effects.

Instead of following the corporate/chemical lifestyle & farming model where skin & soil microbes are destroyed, regenerative lifestyles & agriculture embodies a process of preserving and enhancing nature’s indigenous microbiome by leaving the probiotic skin/soil-web intact and encouraging the growth of additional beneficial pro-life cultures.

KNF APPLIED KNOWLEDGE: Korean Natural Farming (KNF) and JADAM teaches people how to propagate probiotic indigenous microbes to make natural farming inputs, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides instead of using costly and harmful chemicals.  In combination with indigenous microbes, many weeds/herbs and natural organic waste products are used to enhance soil and plant nutrients, help plants survive extreme weather conditions, overcome harmful toxins, repel pests, and produce superior yields. JADAM is an offshoot of KNF and means "People who like nature."


Thanks to Chris Trump for personally sharing KNF techniques with us.  Korean Natural Farming - Sustainable Organic Farming | Chis Trump (christrump.com)



LAB:  Lactic Acid Bacteria are some of the toughest microbes around. They can live with or without oxygen, they persist at nearly boiling, and they multiply faster at room temperature than almost any other microbe.  LAB is extremely beneficial for digestive health, skin and hair and our entire microbiome.  In gardening it is a germicide that promotes the growth of plants.  For farm animals we spray it in livestock areas to neutralize the smell and promote the healthy breakdown of manure.  LAB goes into our herb gardens, soaps, shampoos, body butter lotions, lymphatic remedy deodorants and salves.

OHN: Oriental Herbal Nutrient is made from a blend of fermented herbs that help plants ward off pathogens, disease and insect attacks.  OHN is used in our herb gardens, soaps and shampoos.

FAA:  Fish Amino Acid is an ideal source of fish nitrogen which naturally repels insects while giving plants a huge boost of nutrition.  FAA is used in our herb gardens.

FPJ: Fermented Plant Juice helps promote the growth of plants.  Depending on the plant used in the fermentation, other adaptogenic and medicinal properties can be infused into the FPJ as well.  FPJ is an ingredient in soaps, shampoos and is used in our herb gardens.

FFJ: Fermented Fruit Juice helps promote growth in producing plants and our herb gardens.

NATURAL VINEGARS:  We made vinegar out of many types of local fruits, including wild plum, apple, pear and cherry.  Vinegars are used in animal feed ferments, in garden inputs, and in soaps and shampoos. 

WCA: Water Soluble Calcium is made from the egg shells from our chickens, who are also fed fermented foods.  WCA helps our plants absorb vital nutrients from the soil and is used in our gardens.

WCAP: Water Soluble Calcium Phosphate promotes fruit production when our plants need help. 

IMO: Indigenous Microorganisms are the key component of natural farming.  These are the microbes found in nature that create living soil networks.  Different IMO cultures are gathered from various parts of nature during different seasons to create enhanced biodiversity and resilience to whatever project IMO is added to.  There are various stages and uses for IMO in the garden, orchard, farm and human living systems.  We live adjacent to thousands of acres of wilderness where we collect many types of IMO collections.

BIOCHAR:  We burn our local brush and dead wood in low-oxygen conditions to make our own biochar.  Biochar is a carbon-rich substance that many believe is the key to soil rejuvenation.  It is light-weight and porous, can act like a sponge and serve as a habitat for many beneficial soil microorganisms that are known to promote soil and plant health. We add many of our KNF ferments to our biochar, which goes into the gardens to promote soil and plant health.

JADAM: This practice utilizes weeds/herbs, indigenous microbes and natural foods to make herbicides, pesticides and soil inputs.  We make a variety of types.

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