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In Loving Rememberance of:

Nena Flo Law 1934 - 2024

Nena painted hundreds of watercolor paintings throughout her long life. She was especially known for her Wayne County, Utah scenes. She also painted many landscapes of the high mountains and river canyons of Idaho, and the ocean scenes of Hawaii. Nena hiked with her children into her mid 80's, gathering ideas for paintings. She loved nature and the outdoors, preferring to live in a simple home in the middle of a wild garden of trees, flowers and bushes than in a fancy home with a sterile yard. She loved to landscape using rocks, twisty trees and diverse plants. Nena always had a kind word and smile for everyone, and often shared her greeting cards with others.

Nena taught in elementary schools from 1956-1982, mostly kindergarten, where she was known for her creative teaching styles, incorporating dance, music, art, piano, rhythm instruments, tactile sensory experiences, and alphabet songs into each day's curriculum. Her classrooms were full of color, with small animals for children to care for and hands-on science projects. She started the first Kindergarten program in Wayne County, Utah at Bicknell Elementary. Nena led many children's music choirs and directed dozens of children's music, art and dancing performances. She illustrated children's story books and wrote some of her own. Children loved her.

Nena was a creative, loving mom who always tried to be there for her children. She taught her children to read and write and do many types of art and crafts. She spent hours reading stories and hiking and camping with her family, baking homemade bread and delicious meals, and always encouraging the best in others.

Nena Flo Law lived a glorious 90+ years and will be forever loved and remembered not only for her many watercolor paintings and greeting cards but for her immense love and kindness towards others.



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