Nurturing with Nature

with Clearwater Cultures
Protecting the

Earth's Microbiome

With Clearwater Cultures

Connecting Ancient Wisdom
with Modern Life

Healing from the

Micro to the Macro

with one thought at a time

Our Mission:

Clearwater Cultures is dedicated to creating natural & holistic solutions to the health of our microbiome of skin and home. Our products are homegrown and handmade using biodynamic and permaculture practices. They contain living probiotic cultures combined with many medicinal herbs and other natural ingredients to create the rich biodiversity we need to help us detoxify the environmental pollutants and restore correct nutrient assimilation to our cells.

Our probiotic/prebiotic cultures are alive, highly intelligent, and very receptive to loving focused human intent. For optimum healing results use them wisely with lots of nurturing touch and thoughts.

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Probiotic Protection for Public Exposure

Where We Will Be and what we are doing

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