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Nonia is teaching free workshops open to the public on Natural Ways to Improve Health and Well-being.

There are multiple dates and places to choose from (depending on the month) so keep a watch for social media updates and updates on the website here.

Interested in Learning New and Cutting-Edge Research on the Earth’s Indigenous Microbiome & Completely Natural Ways You Can:

  1. Strengthen Your Immune System and Whole-Body Sensory Awareness,
  2. Improve Detoxification of Heavy Metals, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Drugs and Chemicals, Radiation, etc.
  3. Reduce Inflammation, Stress & Anxiety, Allergies
  4. Enhance Nutrient Assimilation and Energy
  5. Overcome Infection: bacterial, viral, candida
  6. Help Heal Abnormal Cell Growths, Skin Diseases, Gut Issues, Mental & Emotional issues, Allergies, Asthma, Auto-Immune Disorders, etc.
  7. Awaken Self-Awareness and Self-Knowledge of True Identity and Ancestral Wisdom and Survival Skills
  • Workshop will include information on:
    • The History and Uses of Ancient Probiotic Cultures and Indigenous Microbes in foods, healthcare, farming, home and garden, and animal care.
    • New Scientific Research showing how the Earth’s Microbiome improves health issues faster than all previously known healing methods or treatments and the direct relationship between loss of our microbiome and the rise in diseases
    • The Molecular Structure, Communication Abilities, Intelligence and Healing Powers of the Microbiome
    • Cell Health: what destroys our cells and how to improve their viability by working with Nature’s Indigenous Microbiome
    • Differences between commercial probiotics and Living Cultures
    • The Skin-Gut-Brain Axis and Creating Whole Body Awareness and Communication
    • Microbiome Skin, Hair and Body Care using Indigenous Microbes, Medicinal Herbs, Organic Plants, etc.
    • Treating various health issues with Microbes, Minerals and Plant Medicines
    • Creating a Bio-Bubble of Protection for you and your family by growing your own microbiome.



*Private Message us for Location Address

*RSVP as space will be limited @ or on Facebook at Clearwater Cultures

*Free Class Opened to the Public

*Bring a pen and paper for notes

*Handouts & Product will be available at the class including sale items.

Class is on the Microbiome and the Immune System.


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