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Texture Buffet

 In our healing work we have found that natural fibers rubbed or brushed across the skin not only feel good, they stimulate many systems in the body to work more efficiently, to detox poisons and uptake nutrients.  When a variety of natural textures are rubbed across the skin different healing sensations occur.  The lymphatic system begins to pump toxins out of the body with correct skin stimulation.  The circulatory system pumps more oxygen and nutrients into cells, the energy flows into stagnant areas of the body, improving light and intelligence within the tissue.   The more natural the fibers used on our skin for cleaning and lymphatic massage, the healthier we become.   In our family, we avoid all plastic...

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Probiotics and the Immune System

Interested in Strengthening Your Immune System???  Important Information to Consider! The Viability of any Living Organism depends on the Integrity and Intelligence of its OUTER MEMBRANE.  For Human Beings this includes the Skin, Hair and mucous membranes of all body openings.  These surfaces are our Immune System’s First Line of Defense against pathogens (viruses, bacteria, yeasts) toxins (heavy metals, petrochemicals, radiation, GMO’s, poisons, etc.).  If toxins get through our membrane, we get sick. In Order for Us to Function Correctly Our Outer Membrane Must: Accurately identify all incoming energies and substances before they infiltrate our body. Keep out what is harmful while letting in what is beneficial. Adapt rapidly to all environmental conditions, including new pathogens, poisons, and threats. Receive,...

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