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Our Process: Herbs, Culturing, Natural Technologies, Water Structuring, Product Making


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We are not licensed practitioners or authorities on anything.  Although we have studied many other people’s research in the field of health, most of our knowledge comes from our own Intuitive and Experiential Explorations.  We spend a great deal of time in gratitude and love working with all the basic elements of life (earth, air, water, fire) in our gardens, homes, farms, hands-on do-it-yourself lifestyle and our dedication to spending alone time in nature just listening to the ancient wisdom embodied therin.   

Each day we deal with many different life forms who don’t communicate using adult words and ideas. Crystals Babies, children, animals, plants, medicinal herbs & mushrooms, rocks, crystals, probiotic cultures all communicate through body language and kinetic vibrations. 

In order to help us figure out the true cause behind the effects we see and experience, we have learned to observe holistically, using all our senses including sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and especially the tactile kinetic ability to feel what  can't be seen or heard. 

Through our skin, hair and body we try to sense the tactile structure of what is present in our life.  Tactile Kinetic Sensitivity is like reading a topographical record written in Brail that tells what is actually causing something to happen, rather than just the visual light images and audible sounds that are manifestations of the effect.

Water records everything it encounters.  The record that water carries is recorded in its liquid crystals, which when frozen, look similar to snowflakes when they are whole and undamaged.  Water holds the largest living record of life that exists.  We can't visually see this vast record in water, but we can learn to tune into it. The topographical and structural record of life that is recorded in liquid water crystals can be sensed through the fluids in our body, especially in our skin and gut (soul or solar plexus) if they are free from pollutants.  By tuning into the structural record in water, we can learn to link cause and effect in order to find the source of any problem and heal it. 

We believe that probiotic cultures communicate directly with the record in water.  When we lovingly invite these pro-life single cell microbes into our body, they can help expand our human understanding of true cause and effect so that we may find permanent solutions to our problems and Self-Heal.                  



Every day we work with ancient probiotic cultures and their microorganisms in our gardens, with our livestock, our foods, products, cleaning supplies and healing practices.  We get to smell and taste an unlimited spectrum of flavors, textures, and aromas as we culture our home-made body-care products, medicines, and foods: grains, seeds, nuts, meats, cheeses, veggies, breads, and beverages, using probiotic colonies and many different prebiotic home-grown herbs and spices.  The culturing smells of our large crocks of kombucha growing in medicinal herbs and mushrooms permeate our home as the cultures convert prebiotic plant fibers into micronutrients. 

Because of our daily intimate connection to the natural world, from the micro-sized single cell organisms to the macro-sized world of nature, our bodies have synchronized with these foundational elements allowing us to sense them on deeper levels.

Using what we call tactile empathy, we have learned to “listen” with our individual body to the unspoken communication of the natural world and the hidden intelligences within it.  

Tactile Empathy is a potential ability that is within all human beings.  The skin, hair, and gut are our primary sensory organs that decipher information using the trinary language of tactile empathy.  Ancient probiotic cultures in the gut and on the skin exponentially expand our ability to sense life through tactile empathy.  Through our skin, hair, and gut we can learn to sense both the structural record in water that tells the whole truth, and the subtle flows of energy that occur between different life forms in their exchanges of information.   When we learn to sense water and energy, a much larger picture of life unfolds to us.

We believe that awakening our skin and gut to this larger field of structural intelligence is paramount to our survival, and that these symbiotic colonies of beneficial probiotic organisms are physical models for humanity, showing us how to expand our senses in order to protect individual identity, preserve environmental integrity and nurture our own creativity.  This work is our passion and purpose, and our cultural heritage.   

May we all awaken to the true Culture of Humanity for within the language of tactile empathy, all manipulation, greed, abuse and theft are no more…there is only truth and a desire to do good.


Long before we ever start making products, we begin our process by planting herbs early in the spring in our greenhouse.  Later we plant them outside in garden beds.  Throughout the spring, summer and fall we wild-craft many herbs from the mountains, river canyons and low deserts of Idaho and other places we travel. We honor the natural world and so we harvest ethically. 

On our journeys through nature we look for unusual stones, crystals, fossils, shells, clays, water springs, etc.  These outings are full of picture taking and fun family activities.  At home, the stones are used on our culturing tables and the herbs are hand-dried and then stored in a cool dark room until we add them to infusions, cultures, teas, tinctures, elixirs or poultices.  The herbs that we don’t grow or gather ourselves are purchased from around the world, preferably from people who respect the earth.  We always try to buy organic if at all possible. 


We purposely select ingredients that have ancient intact genetic codes that have never been artificially modified in a lab, synthesized or forced to bond using toxic chemicals. Life forms with intact genetic codes have eons of generational wisdom that is still available to be absorbed into the humanWild Roses body via the skin, our largest assimilation organ. Natural ingredients that have never been genetically or chemically altered still have internal genetic and molecular liquid crystalline communication systems that link each generation of wisdom to the next and the next and so on over the duration of the entire species.  There are no generation gaps in a true probiotic culture.

ProductsWe seek to create topical skin food formulas that truly connect ancient wisdom to modern life, passing on to our bodies the record of many generations of survival information from life forms that have adapted to environmental extremes and continued their existence over millions of years. We use many types of stones, crystals, ancient probiotic microorganisms and medicinal herbs all together in our cultures to infuse a very large living library of molecular and genetic information into our skin care products.


The medicinal mushrooms and herbs we collect are added to either organic oils to infuse their healing properties and nutrients into the oils, or they are added directly to probiotic cultures.  These are stored in large glass crocks or jars.  Our crystals and stones are sorted and either put into large jars of pure water to become epitaxy elixirs, or they are put around the culturing table to create an indirect effect on all the liquids. The jars of infused oil, epitaxy water and probiotic cultures go directly on our culturing table where they are treated with several types of non-polluting natural technologies in order to improve their molecular structure and Structuring Kefircoherence and holistic communication.  Our culturing table has orgonite energy accumulators, Life Light Rings, Coils and Environmental Harmonizer, and other water structuring devices that work with energy alchemy.  We use love, schungite and other stones and natural devices to shield our cultures from harmful EMF’s. 

Epitaxy ElixirOur Gemstone Epitaxy Elixirs are made from some of the world's most powerful healing stones and crystals including Russian schungite, clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz and many others.  According to the science of epitaxy, water can record the historical record that is formed within the solid crystalline matrix of crystals and gems, and imprint this record into its liquid crystalline matrix.  Imprinting water with the record of ancient crystals and stones has been shown to improve its structure, increase its molecular stability, give it greater viscosity, and enhance its ability to improve health.  For instance, nature cleans up and revitalizes water using stones and crystals in every river.  

Pure water that has not been chemically polluted or unnaturally damned embodies a beautiful liquid crystalline record made of many snowflake-type structures called genesis patterns.  A fully formed genesis pattern and flower of life geometry in crystallized water is highly intelligent, able to receive, store and send great quantities of information.

Schungite We use many diverse kinds of rocks, crystals and fossils because each different type has a unique historical record written into its crystalline matrix that appears to assist in the healing of diverse health issues.  In Europe gem waters are used to treat many skin conditions, improve circulation, metabolism, reduce inflammation, muscle tension and scar tissue, balance energy meridians and chakras, to clear negative energy and relieve depression. 

  A basic reference book on Epitaxy Elixirs is Gem Water by Geinger & Goebel.  Great books on water and water structuring: Dancing With Water by Pangman & Evans, and The Hidden Messages in Water and Love Thyself, both by Masaru Emoto.

We also put quartz crystals in our cultures, infusions and elixirs while they are culturing. Our crystals were treated with Spectrabrite LED Light Therapy, Tesla healing frequencies, Schumann Earth magnetic resonance energies, colored light therapy, and Solfeggio musical scale 432 Hz attunement to further enhance the intelligence record that we are infusing into the liquid crystalline structure of our cultures, infusions and elixirs. 

Our intent is to improve the structural intelligence within all the different life forms that become ingredients in our products.  As the intelligence of each part is enhanced, we also seek to make sure that all the different parts speak the same language so they can cross reference correctly with each other.  Probiotic cultures can take diverse substances, such as various prebiotic plants, mix them together at a micro-nutrient level, and form unified communication systems.  They preserve the individuality of each part, while creating unity as a whole.  This is why they are known as SCOBBY's, an acronym for Symbiotic Colony of Beneficial Bacteria and Yeast.  They don't create communes, they create colonies based on the preservation of the full intelligence of each individual part, and the continual unity of all parts working as one by basing all exchanges on truth and fairness.










We use Life Light water structuring tools including several types of copper rings, coils and an environmental harmonizer to improve molecular communication in all our ingredients.  These rings were made by Slim Spurling many years ago.  In the book Slim Spurling’s Universe the rings were used to clear environmental pollutants,Coil dismantle disease producing organisms, lower surface tension of water making it easier to assimilate, create a paramagnetic effect emitting light photons which increases available nutrients.  They have been shown to reduce stress in living organisms by improving the amount of light and intelligence that is bio-available to the cells.

The rings are said to produce an infinite amount of power with absolutely no input, waste, friction, or destruction.  They are a source of free energy, using zero-point technology. The natural resonant frequency of the rings is 144 megahertz, exactly matching the harmonic of the speed of light.  The rings oscillate at 144 million cycles per second with harmonics at 72, 36, and 18 mega cycles, all harmonic reciprocals of light speed, converted to grid seconds.  The rings have been described as room temperature superconductors with a broad spectrum of frequencies from electromagnetic to scalar.

OrgoniteOur cultures, infusions, elixirs and products are directly exposed to Orgonite Energy Accumulators.  Orgone is life-giving vitality energy for body, mind, and spirit, also known as Chi, Ki, Prana, Ether, the fifth element and Universal Life Force.  OrgoniteYou can’t see orgone energy, but you can see the effects it creates.  When we tested these orgonite plates with some of our cultures, within one week they showed significant increases in fertility and growth.  Our large orgonite accumulators were specially made for us by OrgoneLife.  They sell individual ones on ebay.  

We use Solfeggio Tuning Forks on our cultures, infusions, elixirs and tinctures.    We also use the following tuning forks: YHWH, the OM forks, the Genesis and Shekinah, Muscle and Adrenal forks.  Our tuning forks come from Sozo Soundz.  We also use Himalayan singing bowls, djembes from Africa, a clay flute from Peru and digeridoos from Australia to enhance the vibrational spectrum of our creations.

Living Light Alchemy Designs by Todd Rohlsson are round discs with light and color patterns infused into them.  They are made to work with the body’s bio electric-magnetic field to create a symbiotic connection between energy and matter.  They were designed to help cleanse the body system, clear negative energies, expand conscious awareness, protect on all levels of reality, help create divine alignment, empower personal vision and diffuse what no longer serves us.

Structured Water We believe that all of these natural technologies add additional information to the liquid crystalline record within our cultures and ingredients.  Our goal is to get more intelligence on our outer membrane to improve our immune system's capacity to decipher incoming energies and substances and protect us from danger.    Structured water molecules can expand their capacity to receive, store and send information as needed.   A molecule with perfect structure has a foundational pattern within all its cells called a divine genesis pattern with six outer points and a seventh point in the exact center, called the I AM.  This perfect seed of life has all its opposite polarities (the six outer points) perfectly balanced in equality, so that there is no internal breakdown and loss in the center where they all come together.  This is like a perfectly balanced spinning top that never wobbles and falls over.  It just keeps on going because all its opposite polarities are in relationships of frictionless acceptance rather than force and control.  When opposite polarities communicate back and forth to each other without friction and loss, then a coordinate system is created between the two.  This produces a unified field where both sides grow naturally without distortion and decay. Both opposites use the same foundational value system to convey information.  The value system upholds the full worth of each opposite pole.

We live in a world that is made of the opposite polarities of energy and matter.  These two opposite poles can either come together in the middle and produce friction, or they can create freedom, depending on how value is placed.  


Energy (LIGHT) and Matter (SOUND manifesting into FORM) operate at very different speeds.  Light moves many times faster than sound, just as thought moves faster than form.  In a structured and cohesive system, the languages of the two opposites attune to each other so that they can translate information back and forth without friction and loss, which creates a self-sustaining system.  Some have referred to this balanced connection between all opposites as "the ladder to heaven".

When a life form has divine structure and coherence the opposite pairs are encompassed in a protective energy field with an outer membrane, like a cell membrane that protects the integrity and sovereignty of the individual organism.  A fully functional membrane keeps out what is destructive and allows in what is peaceful.  If the opposites in our body are conflicted, then our membrane won’t be fully functional and our body system will be vulnerable to external pathogens, parasites, poisons, and predators.  But if we bring our mind-body system into perfect harmony between all opposite poles, then we are no longer vulnerable to external destructive agents.

Structured molecules have the ability to teach unstructured molecules how to heal the imbalances between opposites and become whole and well.  We believe that a few highly structured water molecules, or probiotic cultures, added to a larger body of water can bring peaceful organization to the entire body no matter the size. 

A perfect structured and coherent system is like a tiny butterfly who through the subtle movements of its harmoniously balanced energy patterns is actually powerful enough to affect global climate change.  Every probiotic microbe is like a tiny butterfly in our body, every probiotic human is like a tiny butterfly in the cosmos. 

Little things matter.


When many molecules are correctly structured in a harmonic genesis pattern, they begin to sympathetically vibrate together in an even larger coherent communication system.  In a coherent system, each individual molecule is still unique, but all molecules are attuned to the same genesis communication system, and thus they work synergistically together. 

When many molecules are attuned together harmonically in all octave ranges, complete holistic communication occurs, linking together information that is otherwise separated into different points in space and time.  This greatly expands the health and well-being of the organism, causing it to leave patterns of bondage and death and become reborn into patterns of freedom and life.

SPEED, ACCURACY & TRUTH:  Structure and coherence create a living type of mini-computer and micro-processor with an adaptable antenna that can receive information, process it, and send information to other genesis patterns in the universe faster than all systems that use force and manipulation to control. 

In this world there are people and products that are not organized in a divine genesis pattern with a singular I AM center.  Instead they have produced a distorted molecular pattern with a center that is dualistic rather than singular.   Within this conflicted pattern they distort identity and change it from a singular unique, one-of-a-kind individual, to an assigned identity based on the controller’s external viewpoint.  Thus I.D. becomes “we are” rather than I am, with the controller in dominant position. 

When there is no divine structure and coherence, there is no truth and accuracy.  Truth occurs only when opposite polarities remain harmonically balanced and the genesis pattern is kept fully intact in all octave ranges with a singular I AM identity at the center.  The divine genesis pattern actually protects and preserves singular individual identity with all individual rights and liberties fully intact including our right of informed choice without debt.  When we experience a loss of health and well-being, it is highly possible that our true divine individual identity is not fully manifest in our human form, and instead, we have controller’s ideas taking form in our body.

Our body system functions only as well as our cells are both divinely structured and coherent.   Everything we think, say, wear, eat, drink, breathe and do creates either divine structure and coherence or dualistic conflict with all its imbalances and disharmony.  Natural life forms, such as probiotic cultures that are divinely structured, can help us to remember our true unique identity in order to be whole and well.





We treat our cultures, infusions, and elixirs for several months on our culturing table before using them in products.  Some of our infusions are heated at low temperatures in double boilers on our wood stove to extract additional herbal properties using the natural radiant heat of wood.  When we are ready to use a culture, infusion or elixir they are strained and the liquid is used in products such as soaps, creams, salves, and sunscreen.  The pulp goes into our compost pile. 

In our soaps we use the actual S.C.O.B.B.Y.s (Symbiotic Colony of Beneficial Bacteria & Yeasts) that grow for several months in our Kombucha cultures of medicinal mushrooms (Chaga, Reishi, Shitake, Cordyceps) and medicine wheel herbs (sweetgrass, sage, cedar and Native American tobacco).  These are some of our most potent S.C.O.B.B.Y.s  with powerful antioxidants and novel strains of probiotic microbes.  We also add kombucha vinegar grown in dozens of medicinal herbs to our soaps.


The living probiotic microorganisms that we grow ourselves are all very unique. We culture our goat milk kefir in milk from our own dairy goats, who besides enjoying natural pasture grass, are fed a variety of medicinal herbs, tree branches, organic garden produce, and given lots of personal touch and care.  All these extra things improve our milk kefir cultures. 

Our water kefir is fermented in wild rose hips, elderberries, gogi berries and herbs. 

Our Beneficial Microorganisms were purposely gathered from different locations and sources to provide a larger range of probiotic microbes to the body. ProBio One of our cultures is SCD Essential Probiotics, ProBio Balance Original Mother Culture Concentrate.  We have used this culture in our own laundry, dish soaps, cleaning supplies, stock water, septic system, as a direct topical skin treatment and in our soaps.  We also use their SCD Essential Probiotics internally.  We use Gro-Kashi with our plants, another amazing beneficial microorganism.

SoapsOur Soaps are made using a unique cold-process method that keeps the temperatures low enough to ensure that all ingredients and probiotic microbes remain in a raw state.  Our epitaxy elixirs are used for the soap water.  Besides the 100+ herbs that are infused into organic pure virgin olive oil, we add additional herbs during the final part of the soap-making process, along with the probiotic cultures, essential oils, organic aloe vera gel and natural detoxifiers.  Unlike many soap companies that sell their soaps after 6-8 weeks of curing, we cure our soaps for at least 4 months before selling them. 

CreamsOur Creams are made from infusions that are treated on our culturing table for several months.  We do not use emulsifiers to get our water and oil-based ingredients to bond together.  The bonding process is created from our goat milk kefir, which showed us over time that it would only bond with pure organic ingredients that grow in a love-based environment.  We do not use anything synthetic, artificial or unnatural in our products.  The aloe vera gel we use in our creams comes from raw organic leaves that we hand filet and add directly to the kefir and oils.  Each cream has a unique blend of organic oils and essential oils.  Creams are made in small batches to ensure that they are of the highest quality. 

We spend a great deal of time researching ingredients and testing products on family and friends before marketing them to others.  We use the same products on our own family that we sell to the public.  We are a small family company dedicated to creating things that are sustainable.  We hope that the use of our products will give you a unique healing experience, awakening your skin and eventually your mind to the greater truth of your own divine center and intimate connection to natural life. 

Gratitude and Appreciation for Your Interest, Thank You. 



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