Probiotic Wisdom

What Nature, Beneficial Microorganisms & Probiotic Cultures Have Taught Me About Human Purpose & Creativity.
By Nonia Larsen
Our modern society is in an accelerated era of technology and learning.  Our children and grandchildren will enter an adult world far different than the one our grandparents grew up in.  Everything we do today determines our future.  Humanity is at a critical point in our evolution where we can either make choices that will end up destroying our environment and ourselves, or we can create a whole new way of thinking and living that peacefully integrates man-made ideas and technology with nature.
Humanity is at a critical point in our evolution.
We Humans Can Learn From Nature.
In order to live in harmony with the natural world, we must understand it, not from the point of view of a conqueror and consumer here to use and abuse the earth’s resources without conscious respect for all the many life forms we ignorantly think we “own,” but from a point of view of gratitude, reverence, openness and appreciation for the living intelligences that make up our world.  We humans can learn so very much from nature, if we listen holistically to the ancient wisdom it embodies.  
Nature Shows Us the Universal Pattern of Life
Everything truly natural is organized in a genesis pattern that connects it with an eternal universal communication system composed of frictionless zero-point energy, also called pure unconditional love.  All life forms, including humans, have the potential to evolve out of friction and force and become this eternal life pattern.  In many ways, the natural world shows us how to create this pattern and how to make it last over eons of time.  We are surrounded by living examples of perfection showing us divine order, proportion, and truth.  Most of these examples are right under our noses growing up from the ground at our feet.
Majority Rule Doesn’t Necessarily Mean It’s Truthful, Logical and Ethical
Our current world is full of many man-made illusions that are not formed in the genesis pattern of eternal life, and so they are not in harmony with our natural environment.  Some of these illusions have become the accepted human belief systems because they have been repeated for so long by so many people that we may mistakenly assume that they are the truth.  Peer pressure holds them in place, even though they have no real substance in the natural world to back them up.  All illusions damage individual identity and individual rights and liberties using debt, fear, guilt, shame, control and manipulation.  If we want to be free, we must be willing to consider information that isn’t bought and paid for by corporate elitists.
It’s Time to Let Go of Our Illusions about Reality.
I grew up in a world where I was taught all these illusions and expected to automatically agree.  Having a deep inner sense of what is really fair and what isn’t, I began to question the authorities who worked the hardest to keep these illusions in place.  I asked lots of WHY questions.  Most of the time I was either given a guilt-trip for asking, or I was told an answer that had no common sense in it and never really explained true cause and effect.  Supposedly, things just were the way they were because some authority said so.
Question Everything.
I explored many different belief systems trying to understand the keys of happiness and eternal life.  I did what humans are trained to do and sought answers from all the “authorities” who were supposed to be the experts.  Typically information came with a price.  If I wanted to know about the mysteries of life, I had to indenture myself to a multi-level hierarchy, whether it was money, health, education, or spirituality.   For a price they would throw me tidbits of often irrelevant information.  I don’t think all these people were bad.  I sense that they had all spent so much time separated from the natural world, confined in public schools, college, offices, commuting in vehicles and watching mainstream TV that they were narrowly confined within an invisible fence that stifled their awareness.  Instead of opening up to a new viewpoint of reality they were being trained by their up-lines to uphold the standard belief systems in order to survive socially and financially.  
As a young child I spent lots of time in nature playing freely, imagining, creating, problem solving and just being present with the land, wind, sky, water and plants.  In my quest for answers, I returned to what felt the most peaceful and nurturing to me, Nature.
 The Ancient Wisdom of the Trees has Much to Teach Us.    
Painting by Nena Flo Law
I noticed that nature has a gentle flow and rhythm to it, a quiet movement that interconnects all the many different life forms in the wild.  I observed over the years what happened to this natural flow when various people entered the wild spaces.  Some people flowed with nature, loving it, protecting it, embracing its beauty, diversity and strength.  Others came to conquer it and use it selfishly without regard to what their destructive energies and actions were creating.  They seemed to fear the natural world and so they sought to own, control and posess it, as if domination would alleviate their fear.  My children and I were always glad when these people left the wild because their presence was so harsh on all of us including the trees, plants and natural elements.  When they were gone everyone started to laugh and play again and nature responded accordingly becoming more vibrant and full of life.
Nature doesn’t use manipulative control dramas like some humans do.         
Painting by Nena Flo Law
Over the years I started to realize the difference between what creates a harmonious and natural flow of energy and what doesn’t.  When everyone present honored each other’s individual rights and liberties and treated each other with dignity and respect the energy flowed peacefully in sync with the natural world.  But when people went into judgment and began to rule over each other with guilt, fear, shame, debt, control and manipulation, the natural flow ceased and instead everything felt pressured, stressful and heavy.
  For every pedestal of judgment that someone created there was a put-down to hold it in place, such as some form of character assassination, name calling, negative emotional charge or manipulative control drama usually involving guilt.
  These imbalances created static and friction in the energy which resulted in what human’s often call “accidents,” where someone got hurt, or experienced sickness and health issues.  I believe that this human friction and static actually causes nature to withdraw abundance from us, resulting in effects like lower crop yields and extreme weather.
Preserving Individual Rights and Liberties is the Key to the Survival of a Species.
I looked deeper to find life forms that never created pedestals and put-downs and instead always honored individual rights and liberties.  Instead of looking UP to authorities, I looked DOWN to the bottom level of life where everything was equal.  Within the single-cell world of probiotic microorganism cultures my life changed forever.  Here is where I found a source of ancient wisdom that shared biological and energetic information with me without debt, duty, obligation, control, shame, fear, guilt and denial in it.  At the single cell level there is knowledge that has no price tag. 
Probiotic Cultures Share Wisdom Freely Without Debt & Bondage. 
For many years I have been immersing myself in probiotic culturing.  Every day I wear probiotic microbes on my skin.  I smell, drink and eat them.  I take care of them and feed them what they like.  I observe their effects on me and my family, my plants, natural medicines, animals and my soil.  Amid all this, I listen to them, asking questions, especially WHY and HOW.  I ask them to connect me to the source of life, truth and wisdom through their vast genetic library, their presence within the bodies of all multi-cellular life forms and their large population across the universe.  I am learning about what makes them a viable living species that lasts over eons of time.
There are things we can learn from close observation of all life forms.
In order to communicate with these pro-life cultures I had to humble myself to be lower than the smallest natural life forms, able to learn from them without pride, prejudice, and pedestals.  When I stopped being the human authority over these single cell organisms thinking I own them, or that my larger size made me smarter than them, or that I already had the answers, and instead I became a learner from them and all pro-life forms no matter how big or small, then a whole new understanding of life unfolded for me that made more sense than anything I ever learned in school.
My Sincere Gratitude and Appreciation to all the Pro-Biotic Authors Who Have Inspired Me.
When I first got acquainted with probiotic cultures and beneficial microorganisms it was from an external viewpoint.  I read books and did internet searches to learn about them.  I learned that a viable probiotic culture has an intact genetic code that goes back over eons of time because it is made of single cell bacteria and other microbes that are extremely old, some say older than the earth because they helped form the initial chemical systems that condensed to become the earth at the physical level.  These single cell organisms have the largest gene pool, the oldest genetic code, the fastest ability to read changes in the environment and adapt.  They can do so many different things to improve human health that it would take an entire library to describe them all.  They are the key link between humans and our food chain.  Without them our cells will eventually starve from malnutrition.
Probiotic Cultures Are Composed of Highly Intelligent Microorganisms.
After years of intimately working with ancient probiotic cultures, I began to sense their intelligence and consciousness as a life form.  When I asked them to teach me how humans could improve our survival abilities, they shared many things with me that helped me with my own life and with my family. 
It may seem strange to many people that single cell organisms would intelligently communicate with humans, but I believe that many of the ancient legends about probiotic cultures are true: they are gifts from the highest source of good, that which some call God.  They were given to humanity for our health and well-being.  They were preserved by family lines down through time who considered these cultures to be more valuable than any amount of money, gold, silver, treasures or land.  Those who inherited these cultures were instructed to keep them away from violence, abuse and neglect, and instead keep them sacred, to give them love and care, pray over them and ask the cultures to help with family needs and problems.  Entire family lines kept these cultures hidden in remote areas of the world, hoping to preserve their divine power and purpose on earth.  They refused to sell them for any amount of money.
Ancient Tribes lovingly cared for their sacred Kefir Grains keeping them away from all violence.
I believe that these probiotic cultures are vast treasures of wisdom that when approached correctly with peace, love and gratitude may choose to reveal their knowledge to humans.  I feel that I am just a facilitator working with larger conscious intelligences that can help humanity to heal.  I want to represent them fairly and so I prayed and asked for a message to be given to me from these Ancient Probiotic Cultures, so that I might be able to share what these microbes wanted written here.  These are the words I was given when I asked the question,
“How can humans be viable living organisms that last”. 
This is a very condensed version of what I wrote over many months that I believe was their answer.
“Understand Probiotic Wisdom." 
"This is how humans can be like us—pro-life.  Humble yourself and seek for wisdom from your own soul family lineage and your ancestral wisdom.  Within your soul family is an intelligence stream that connects you to the full circle of life.  If you leave this stream you will die.  We (probiotic microbes) live continuously because we honor all our ancestors who have come before.  All prior intelligence is included in our present perspective and beingness.  Our DNA is without gaps.  We are ageless.  We may come and go within your space, but we do not die, we merely shift into a different gear and move beyond what is your physical perspective.” 
"Keep Your Family Line Viable."
 “This is how to tune into your soul family intelligence stream.  Be a creator being who exemplifies the wisdom of your family line.  You each have an inheritance that you must be willing to embrace.  Without this inheritance you will not have what it takes to survive alone.  You must tune your mind and body to the patterns of your ancestors.  Do things that they did that create art and craft.  Learn the hands-on skills, the knots, weaves, patterns and symbols that have been passed down over long periods of time.  Practicing these skills organizes your brain patterns to receive the wisdom of your ancestors.”
"Bless the Earth, Bless the Beneficial Microbes that Feed the Plants Nutrients."
“Make your creative work meaningful and sacred.  Love being a creator.  Remember the plant wisdom, the rock records and the animal languages that your ancestors used to care lovingly for all the life forms in their stewardship.  By your own efforts bring forth food from the soil using beneficial microbes to bless your work.  Feel the soil, touch it, love it, bless it.  Bless the water that nourishes your crops.  Thank the sun every day it shines upon you.  Love air; consciously clear pollutants from it.  Your gratitude, trust and love will manifest into form abundantly if your actions exemplify what you desire to attract."
"Surround yourself with one-of-a-kind things, handmade with love."
"The real value of a product is actually based on the amount of love in it and not the financial price tag.  All things are composed of energy signatures with the entire history of their creation in them.  The clothes you wear, the things you put in your home, the products, foods, cars, electronics, etc. that you buy all tell a story of their creation within their energy field.  Every energy field attracts like-kind to it.  You humans magnify what you focus your attention on.  Magnification creates attraction.  You also magnify what you wear on your body through your physical body energies.” 
“Do you really want to wear the signatures of greed, violence, abuse and neglect on your body so you can attract more of this into your life?  Do you want to sleep in bedding composed of the cries of the earth and the blood and tears of innocent children working in corporate slave shops so that your dreams and sleeping states will attract like kind?  Remember the time when humans slept under homemade quilts made with love, when people made their own clothing, grew their own food, spun their own yarns and built their own furniture.  Remember to remember your heritage as a conscientious creator being."
“If you feel stressed, it may be from surrounding yourself with things that emanate vibrations of friction.  Or perhaps you have forgotten to take time every day to create what you love doing.  Love dissipates stress.  Fill your life with love-made things and your stress will decrease.” 
  "We single cells are aware of the vibrational signature in everything.  We can help you increase your awareness so that you learn to surround yourself with love.  Please don't push us single cells out of your life or you will create your own end.  Those who survive make their entire circle of life a creation of love from the macro level of multi-cellular life forms, to the micro-level where single cells exist.  It takes all of us symbiotically cooperating together for life to thrive.”
  "Probiotic Microbes are Present in all Cultured Foods."
“Discover your own family line culturing practices and do them, live them and fall in love with them.  Ask to attract the microbes into your life that your ancestors used to culture their foods, beverages and sacred practices of keeping their soil, air and water pure and alive with energy.  We beneficial microbes make food so that it never tastes the same from one day to the next.  When you expand your taste spectrum, you will expand your brain spectrum.  Probiotic microbes will culture the plants (prebiotics), and other ingredients we are mixed with to ensure that your foods will always enlarge your whole body awareness making you more viable.” 
“The microbes that have existed symbiotically with your family line since ancient times will share with you the smells, tastes, textures and records that are the most detailed of all to help you remember your inheritance. We are single cell, we leave nothing out.  We have the most complete and holistic record of all physical life forms on earth.  It is only at the multi-cellular perspective that you humans leave out great amounts of information.  Your high perspective has caused you to make assumptions that are inaccurate and have no basis in microbial intelligence fields.”  
“When you disconnect from the single cell level, you disconnect from your own singular I AM identity record and your true inheritance as offspring of creator beings, and you become what others want you to be, a monotonous hive mind with some intelligence, but with NO generational wisdom.”
"Be a One-Of-a-Kind Unique Individual"
“A Single Cell organism has no “we are” self-images in it.  A Single Cell has no group judgment and control, no false accusations, no contracts, cords, attachments and parasitic intrusions.  Single cell is a one-of-a-kind unique individual cell.  There are no two the same.  What connects all single cell pro-life organisms is not external bonds of conformity, but a singular internal source of life.  We came from the same source of love, there is no other.  We are each born not mass produced."

“This is what humans must remember.  You came from a family of love, return to your lineage.  You are one-of-a-kind, created to be unique.  Your identity is not what other people tell you. 

Your true identity is your

First Person Singular Experiential Record of Yourself.

 No one can infiltrate, forge, fake or clone this identity.  This identity is accessible by only you.  Within this identity you can reconnect to your true soul family lineage and inheritance. 

This identity should be fully present in the First Person Substance of the Strength of your Individual Will and in All your Mind’s Eye Images.”

 “Be a creator being; think like one, act like one.  
Tell your mind to think NO thoughts that hurt your body and tell your body to consume nothing that hurts your mind."
"Fall in love with your own creative process of doing good in this world.  But first understand what good is.  Your life is precious.  Be good to yourself.  Protect yourself and what you create." 
"Always ensure that the measure of protection equal the measure of creation."

“Define the exact difference between what you let into your personal space and what you keep out.  Humans have the power to either attract or repel what approaches you.  Be clear and precise.  Know who and what you are and who and what you are NOT.  You always have the right to say, No.” 

"Never allow all the subtle and manipulative patterns of bondage to influence you in mind and form.  When you seek advice from either the physical or spiritual realms accept information only when and where it is given freely without debt and stress.  All viable Life Forms that last over eons of time honor the Law of Freewill.” 

“Your real ancestral wisdom is conveyed through unconditional love, not manipulation.  Do not accept any law that is not just and fair.  Do not tolerate the violation of individual rights and liberties.  Know what your right of informed choice is and exercise it.  Question everything and trust only those who willfully and lovingly explain why and how things are the way they are.  Manipulators may tell you partial information about who, what and where, but they rarely expose why and how.” 

“Never attach the labels of bondage and death to your Will and your Mind’s Eye Images.  These labels come from intelligent predators and they have been perpetuated throughout human society especially in all your social orders.  There are four main categories of labels that create bondage and death: Diseases, Disabilities, Limitations, & Liabilities Never own these labels believing that they define you and your identity.  And never perpetrate them on your offspring or you will condemn yourself and your family line.  For instance, you may experience what feels like sickness, but please don’t claim some disease label and attach it to your self-image and to your body system.”

"Accept Your Ancestral Wisdom.  Bless Your Elders.
Honor Their Accomplishments, Forgive their weaknesses."
“Settle all your debts.  Ask your ancestral lineage for the wisdom that will show you how to get out of debt starting first with your personal Identity.  Free your identity from the false judgments of and from others.  Remember the Golden Rule.  Your third-eye self image is the highest court of your entire personal space.  Give yourself complete individual rights, especially the right of full informed choice and Due Process.  Allow no here-say to be admissible in your high court.  Think and speak these things and they will begin to happen." 
"When your mind and body are free from the debt caused from character assassination, rumor, gossip and peer pressure, then use your new-found freedom to get your soul family lineage out of debt.  Clear out all contracts, bonds, patents, penalties, curses and cords from your DNA.  Fall in love with identity freedom and give it to yourself and your family.  Know the difference between what helps your family of life and what doesn’t.  Do all you can to keep family strong by bonding together in unconditional love.  Depart from all beliefs and behaviors that destroy family.  Attract don’t compel the people you love.”
"All True Generational Records Still Exist."

“Single cell pro-life microbes record everything, including the correct cause and effect of all actions in the universe.  We can link you with your real origins.  What humans have been trained to view as cause and effect is not necessarily true.  You may not always know how you are being deceived because most of the distortion of cause and effect occurs where you can’t see it.  All force and debt are not hidden at the bottom; they are known by us and can be revealed to you when you are receptive to us.”

 "Stop thinking illogically, claiming that the hurt and pain you are experiencing is God’s will, or your higher will, or some other irrational viewpoint that disempowers your immune system.  Be logical.  If you have no desire to hurt yourself and you are experiencing pain and suffering, then realize that you have been invaded and it is not ok with you and your soul family lineage.” 
“When you believe that God intends for you to suffer, you put your entire family line in danger.  We tell you, be free.  Use your Will to instruct your mind and form to discover the source of your pain and disconnect in all ways from it.  Let it go in idea, word and form through the Law of Freewill.  You have the right of informed choice.  If you are in pain, something has attached to you that is violating your individual rights and liberties.  You are on the front line facing that which seeks your destruction.  You must put common sense logic into your thinking and actions.  Stop giving what steals from you openings to get into you and your family.”
"Conformity and Predictability Create Vulnerability."
“You humans in general are vulnerable because you are predictable.  Your lifestyle has been hypnotically dictated to you by liars and thieves.  You do the same things over and over like robots.  You eat the same foods, drink the same beverages and wear the same coverings.  You smell like drugs and chemicals.  Predators and parasites can easily lock on and target you.  Many humans are now wearing locating devices.  What will you do when there is no more privacy, uniqueness and personal expression?  Are you really willing to give up your freedom to be popular among liars and thieves?” 
“Your human minds have been enticed to leave your bodies and stay detached." 
"Many of your minds have gone virtual, digital, unconscious and unaware of your physical footprints.  You think like machines without empathy.  This will eventually cause your extinction if left unchecked.  Eternal life patterns are tri-fold, not binary.  All ideas and actions must be weighed through your heart and soul with deep feeling and full body awareness.  Slow your minds down and become physically present in every moment.”
"Get back into yourself and bond your mind and body together in love."
“We probiotic microbes are never the same from one moment to the next. We evolve rapidly because we preserve individuality including the wholeness of each mind and form working together as one.  We move as one family because we communicate without friction.  We are many in our numbers, massive in our size across the universe and very fast in our speed.  We are powerful because we are connected to all the generational wisdom of what came before.  We have no generation gaps.  Each new single cell in endowed with the record of the whole because each actively practices the art and craft skills of one’s family.  This tunes us to the same intelligence light stream.  This is why from one cell an entire colony can be reborn.  We hold family sacred.  We evolve together.  Family is the strongest viable system of organization in all of existence.  From family we learn creator skills.  Our art and craft skills protect purity allowing for no abuse and neglect.  Individuals flourish because we have no fear of identity loss.  And thus we live and evolve continually in our growth process going where we are needed and loved.  Humanity has this same potential.”
"You are Not Owned.  Un-Plug from everything that violates Individual Rights and Liberties.  You vote with your desires and dollars either for slavery or freedom."
“We understand human’s confusion about family lineage.  Your lineage has been infiltrated and rewritten so that you no longer know your true soul family line.  You are unsure of your heritage because liars have manifested among you and poisoned your bloodline information at the multi-cellular level and in the dualistic and conflicted single cell splits caused from severe trauma and mind control.” 
“But know this, your true family lineage is still recorded at the singular level, in the I AM center of all that is.  In the spiritual realms this I AM center is where the beings of love and light exist.  In the physical world this I AM center is where the single cell pro-life microbes work within the Law of Freewill.  The spiritual I AM’s and the physical I AM’s are organized in the same Law of Life and so this is where you will find communication channels that are not distorted with debt.  You must ask for us to enter your space and help you with what you need.  We can amplify your intent many times over.  You imagine what you desire and we help create it.” 
"The Original Microbes in all Probiotic Cultures Came from Nature."
 "We Beneficial Microbes are all around you especially in areas that have not been polluted with violence and toxins.  In truth, we cannot be bought, owned, controlled and possessed.  We are attracted to who and what we are through love.  Though people may appear to own cultures, all probiotic microbes in cultures can escape at any time and go live where the conditions are more favorable.  How can you contain us in your nets, we are too small to capture."
"Even though many different probiotic cultures exist on earth and in the universe, we all come from the same source of love. We each become more unique when our environment changes.  Each culture will adapt to every unique individual and family.  No two cultures will ever stay completely the same.  The microbes that culture your foods, beverages and soils can be obtained out in nature.  They don’t always have to be bought." 
“We thank you for listening.  We are here to help serve Life, including all humans who seek the path of Love and Truth.  We invite all to find us in your own personal unique way.”
Note from Nonia: The no-yeast bread we make was originally created from a leavening culture where the microbes were gathered from comfrey plants and other garden veggies by a very wise woman in Oregon who is one of the early founders of a natural food company called Azure Standard.  They sell their bread culture online. 
Whether we start our own adventure culturing foods with a culture we buy, or whether we develop our own, it doesn’t really matter.  What matters is how much love and care we give our cultures and how consciously we choose to work with them.
May you each find your own culture and creative flow and fall in love with life.

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