The Greater Idaho Alliance Podcast

Greater Idaho Alliance Podcast

“Greater Idaho” stands for the recognition that, as individuals and as a society, we live only part of the remarkable gift of life we are given.

This is a common sense podcast hosted by Keith Thomas & Katchie Ananda.

Katchie and Keith come to this podcast with a friendship forged from shared values and concerns, and with backgrounds in the exploration of human potential. More than at any time either of us can recall, the health of our common culture depends on willingness to grapple with complexity that ranges across the neat boundaries of separate fields and disciplines.

We’re here to learn from, and alongside of, journalists, philosophers, scientists, spiritual teachers, and many others whose words and works are analyzing problems, diagnosing what’s gone awry, and pointing in life-affirming, societally sane directions.

We have faith in the capacity of free men and women to use common sense, the received wisdom of experience, everyday morality and personal character, to make the fundamental decisions that shape their own lives, and the lives of their children.

Our ultimate mission statement will take the form of the conversations we bring to you in podcast episodes. We welcome you to Greater Idaho Alliance. Please keep coming back and tuning in.

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