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Bath Soap Sock Scrubbies - Natural Dyes & Fibers - Varies sizes

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Just slip a bar of soap in one of these reusable bags and exfoliate your tissues to increase lymphatic detoxification, circulation, and energy flow.  Made from all natural animal wool fibers raised ethically in our local area. 

The wool is hand-washed, then spun on an old-fashioned spinning wheel, and finally knitted by loving women. 

Instead of using chemical dyes, the colors are created from: calendulas, blackberries, walnut hulls, zinnias, grape crystals, arrow leaf balsam roots, logwood bark, and cochineal. These plants are grown without chemicals in local gardens, or wildcrafted from our nearby mountains.

Made from a variety of wool fibers: Icelandic Sheep, Blue-faced Lusters, Shetland Sheep, and Alpacas.

Using natural plant and animal fibers on our skin helps remove dead skin and toxins by stimulating our lymphatic system to pump poisons out of our cells so our circulatory system can deliver nutrients into them. Gentle exfoliation using all natural plant and animal fibers strengthens the biodiversity of our skin's microbiome, feeding the friendly flora that protect us from harm.  In contrast rubbing the skin or hair with plastic scrubbies, combs and brushes, damages the body's microbiome.  Please don't use plastic on your skin; many types contain toxic antibacterial chemicals.

A great deal of dedicated work goes into each soap bag.  We hope you feel the love as you self-nurture.

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