Hair Spritzer - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Hair Treatment - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Hair Spritzer - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Hair Treatment - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Hair Spritzer - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Hair Treatment - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Hair Spritzer - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Hair Treatment - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Hair Spritzer - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Hair Treatment - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Hair Spritzer - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Hair Treatment - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures

Hair Spritzer - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Hair Treatment - 4oz.

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A powerful biodynamic & probiotic culture of aged kombucha fermented with many medicinal herbs, essential oils and pure water to nourish hair, scalp and skin. Microbiome skin food formula for topical use.  Dark blue glass bottle, 4-oz.  Comes with spray top with easy-to-squeeze handle.  Biodiverse and unique.

How important is hair?  We, humans, define ourselves with our hairdos, creating a look and style that expresses our personal creativity.  It’s fun to try new and unique things with our hair, but that fun only lasts over time if the products we use on our hair actually help us rather than hurting us.  Our hair formulas are made with living probiotic cultures and prebiotic medicinal herbs to foster lasting health and well-being.  We hope that you will check them out.  We believe that they create an amazing microbiome on intelligent natural medicine on the hair and skin that must be experienced to be understood.  


A Living Probiotic Culture: aged kombucha vinegar.

Medicinal Herbs: horsetail, nettle, borage, comfrey leaves, cleavers, oatstraw, lemon balm, rosemary, oregano, alma berries, chamomile, basil, blackberry leaves and green tea.  All herbs organic or home-grown without chemicals using biodynamic, organic and permaculture gardening methods.

Pure water: unchlorinated, straight out of the earth from the mountains of Idaho.

Essential Oils:

Wildwood Blend: Pine needle, cedarwood, birch, lemongrass, Texas cedar, marjoram, juniper berry.

Oasis Blend: French lavender, orange, rose geranium, cassia, rosemary, bergamont mint.

Natural Technologies: This probiotic/prebiotic culture was treated with Orgone Energy Accumulators, Solfeggio Tuning Forks, Life Light Tools, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Shungite and Gemstone Epitaxy Elixirs, and most of all Love.

SUGGESTED USE:  Our kombucha hair spritzers are made to work cooperatively with our shampoo bars.  After shampooing spray your hair with as much spritzer as you desire.  Leave it in as long as you like, or perhaps do a light rinse.  It’s up to you to determine what your hair and scalp need the most.  You can spray more spritzer on anytime you like.  This spritzer is a great skin toner as well.  Keep out of eyes as the kombucha vinegar may sting.   Avoid all plastic and synthetic combs, brushes and picks, as these can increase static electricity in your hair.  In our family, we switched to wooden hair implements and noticed a remarkable improvement. 

Note: The Oasis Hair Spritzer has cassia essential oil in it.  Although the label is waterproof, we found after we ordered all the labels that it is not Cassia proof.  If you want your label to last, please put a piece of clear plastic laminate contact paper or packing tape over it.


Our Story--Why Put Probiotic Microbes and Prebiotic Herbs on your skin, scalp and hair.

Many of us have poisoned our hair and scalp at some time or another in our life.  Toxic hair chemicals are one of the main ways humans are polluting ourselves.  Probiotic Living Cultures fermented with Prebiotic Medicinal Herbs help cleanse toxicity from hair, scalp, skin and deeper tissues, while delivering natural nutrition into the cells.  These probiotic/prebiotic cultures nourish our protective microbiome that defends us from harm. This microbiome primarily came from our birth mother and our earth mother.  It contains all the ancestral and environmental information that we need to foster healthy growth and development to keep our family line viable.  Without a healthy and biodiverse microbiome, our immune system doesn’t function correctly.

Healthy Hair means more than shine, manageability and look.  Hair is a powerful and extremely sensitive antenna that tunes into information in the world around us.  Each hair shaft is like a fine musical string on an instrument.  It is a sensitive protein strand that is vibrated by touch and sympathetic energy waves. We believe that what we put on our hair attunes us via sympathetic resonance to similar energies in the airwaves.  Natural and completely Organic Hair Treatments attune us to natural and organic information.  Synthetic, fragmented and genetically altered substances attract matching vibrational energies.  Our hair wraps around our brain—an important organ to protect from harmful energies.

When we stopped destroying our hair’s microbiome with toxic chemicals, and instead we chose to nourish it with living probiotic cultures and nutrient-rich medicinal herbs, our skin and hair’s sensory awareness expanded and we become increasingly aware of other holistic, organic and health-promoting energies and ideas in our environment.  We also became more aware of how to avoid unhealthy relationships and substances.   

The viability of any living organism depends on the health and well-being of its outer membrane (skin and hair).  The outer membrane reads what is happening in the surrounding environment and sends the information to the inner part of each cell and to the brain.  Long range sensory information is initially picked up by the most sensitive antennas on the membrane (the hair shafts).  Without healthy hair shafts, we don’t have the early warning signals we need that guide us away from danger and towards what helps us. 

What do we get when we put a living probiotic/prebiotic culture on our skin, hair and scalp?  A covering made of highly intelligent benevolent single-cell organisms that boost our immune response, increase nutrient absorption, improve neurotransmitter function and gene expression, synchronize our body with our ancestry, the earth and nature, and promote immunity to pathogens, parasites, poisons and predators. 

Don’t expect a living probiotic culture to stay the same from one day to the next.  The culture itself has existed since ancient times and is highly intelligent.  We increase our kombucha’s nutrient content and biodiversity with all the herbs, stones, crystals and natural energy technologies that we culture with it.  This rich blend of active beneficial microbes and nutrition will continue to adapt to the environment around it, including you and everyone in your space.  This means that the product you buy from us becomes increasingly unique to you and your situation.  As long as you don’t kill this precious culture with chemicals, extreme negativity and violence, it will continue to thrive.

Some people wonder how long it will take for our products to improve their health and well-being.  Our products don’t do anything TO you, like a drug would, and so the outcome is very individual.  They work in cooperation with your own will, your focused conscious intent and expressed behavior.  Living single cell beneficial microbes are very kinetic.  That means they are sensitive to touch and physical body expressions.  Physical behavior sends out vibrations in the airwaves. 

We believe that probiotic cultures multiply and increase vibrations that are life-giving, and that these cultures are the most productive when combined with gentle nurturing touch, loving thoughts, and kind actions, especially between our own mind and body.  The rate of healing we each experience depends on our own participation in our regeneration process, on the amount of detoxification we need, and our personal nutrient deficiencies that must be overcome.  If we spent years poisoning our skin, hair, and scalp, it takes time to reverse the damage.

Understanding the healing process helps us be patient with our own body.  Before our tissues can improve we need to clean out all the pathogens, poisons, parasites, drug residue, heavy metals, synthetic chemicals and waste products.  Living probiotic cultures work directly with our immune system to identify unnatural invaders in our body and destroy them.  The detoxification process can feel like a mini-war inside of us.  When we expel dangerous substances, our immune system and lymph system need extra nourishment and healing touch to assist the process.  When our body begins to expel toxins we may itch, stink, sweat, sluff off skin cells, and our hair may get greasier.  Suppressing this part of the process only prolongs the healing.  Cleansing is vital.  

To facilitate the cleansing part of healing, there are several things you can do.  Detox baths speed up the process.  Your pores open wide in a hot shower or bath and you sweat out toxins at an increased rate.  Make sure to drink lots of pure water.  If an area of your skin or scalp itches, TOUCH IT, don’t ignore it.  The lymphatic system expels poisons and is stimulated with touch. 

When toxins are expelled from the inner cell and they get dumped into your blood or lymph system, you may feel them, because now they are back on the radar of your awareness.  Toxins feel yucky!  They can make you feel nauseated, tired, sick, achy and feverish.  The goal is to get them out of your body a.s.a.p. through one of your elimination channels: bowels, urine, breath, saliva and mucus, or your skin which is the largest assimilation and elimination organ and the most used because it keeps toxins away from your vital organs.  Opening up all channels of elimination decreases the cleansing period.  So breathe deep, keep your bowels and bladder moving, drink pure water and exercise.  It helps to give your body extra things that assist detoxification such as: activated charcoal, bentonite clay, zeolite, diatomaceous earth, shungite, and cleansing herbs, which we put in our soaps and bath detox to make detoxification easier.  If your scalp starts to itch, you are probably beginning to dump old toxins.  Treat your scalp the same way you would your skin, love it tenderly and give it what it needs to be free from toxins. 

The cleansing process doesn’t last forever.  When the cell pump turns on and expels toxins, it also begins to pump nourishment into the cell.  The once starving cell is renewed with oxygen, minerals, vitamins and healthy biochemcials so it can repair itself, reestablish correct metabolism, cell to cell communication and unity with the whole body instead of the isolation it suffered from when it was “off line.”  To assist this part of the healing process many of our products contain medicinal herbs and mushrooms that facilitate cellular health and inner body communication between cells, organs, systems and our environment. 

When cells function correctly, then skin, hair and scalp issues clear up and instead our tissues and hair will improve in color, shine, growth, strength, elasticity and viability.  The improvement is real because it is being self-generated, and not because we just slathered a toxic synthetic chemical on our skin or hair that coats us with artificial glow, shine or color. 

Best wishes with the health and wellness of your amazing human body system.  

 The Clearwater Cultures Family



We are required by the FDA to make the following statement: *

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Carrie Westby

I tried the hair spritzer on my hands before spraying my hair checking for any heaviness or stickiness. It made my hands incredibly soft very much to my amazement! I LOVE this product! I love everything I have gotten from this lovely company. Thank you!

Kristen Mercurio
Amazing stuff

This hair spritzer leaves my hair untangled and gives my hair so much volume. I have flat thin hair and this has been a lifesaver. Def reccommend, especially if u need volume to your hair!


Love this product!

It's magic

It works so well that I am just left speechless. Previously, my hair felt very dry and frizzy after a shower but this spritzer combined with the shampoo bar has helped my hair get a youthful, healthy bounce. I'm in my mid-twenties but my hair feels like how it did when I was a teenager. It feels so healthy and soft and glowing. This hair spritzer is like magic. It smells yummy (kombucha) and I just love it. You MUST try it. Just a few sprays and you will see such a big difference in your hair quality.

Cheryl K.

This has helped my hair look and feel healthier. Unlike conditioner it isn't greasy. I easily break out... not with this