Love Communion - Organic, Probioitc, & Medicinal Body Spray - 4oz.
Love Communion - Organic, Probioitc, & Medicinal Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Love Communion - Organic, Probioitc, & Medicinal Body Spray - 4oz.
Love Communion - Organic, Probioitc, & Medicinal Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures

Love Communion - Organic, Probioitc, & Medicinal Body Spray - 4oz.

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A Biodynamic Body Spray made to nourish your natural microbiome, immune protection and healthy metabolism.  A unique blend of medicinal herbs cultured in probiotic-rich kombucha and aged over time to give you a “fine wine” experience in body care.  4-oz blue glass bottle with a misting spray top.

Historically these herbs have been used to help nourish and balance proper hormone production, support adrenal function, boost energy, endurance and performance, improve circulation, detoxification, sensory awareness and to enhance intimate experiences. 

SUGGESTED USE:  For body, hair, room, bedding.  Can also be used as needed for hormonal skin breakouts as a skin toner.  This is a kombucha vinegar spray.  Keep out of eyes and use carefully on tender skin.  

Biodegradable.  Full of beneficial plants and microbes that help humans, animals and our environment.  


PROBIOTIC: A living culture of aged kombucha grown in pure non-chlorinated water, organic green tea and organic cane sugar.

ESSENTIAL OILS: litsea cubeba, Indian lavender, anise, birch, patchouli, ylang ylang. 


Ashwagandha,  Cardamom,  Cinnamon,  Clove,  Damiana,  Dong quai,  Fo-ti,  Ginger,  Juniper berry,  Muira puama,  Wild Rose petals and hips,  Red Sandalwood,  Saw palmetto,  Tribulus,  Capuacu,  Rehmannia,  Eleuthero root,  Maca root,  Horny Goat Weed,  Shatavari,  Devils claw,  Galangal,  Fenugreek,  Nutmeg,  Licorice root

NATURAL TECHNOLOGIES:  The culture in this product was treated with Orgone Energy Accumulators, water structuring tools, Life Light Rings, Coils, Environmental Harmonizer, Solfeggio Tuning Forks, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Shungite, Crystals, gemstones and Love. 



When we put a living probiotic/prebiotic culture on our skin, hair and clothes we get a covering made of highly intelligent benevolent single-cell organisms that have been shown to boost our immune response, increase nutrient absorption, improve neurotransmitter function and gene expression, synchronize our body with our ancestral wisdom (survival instincts and information), harmonize us with the earth and nature, and promote immunity to pathogens, parasites, poisons and predators. 

Don’t expect a living probiotic culture to stay the same from one day to the next.  The culture itself has existed since ancient times and is highly intelligent.  We increase our kombucha’s nutrient content and biodiversity with all the herbs, stones, crystals and natural energy technologies that we culture with it. 

This rich blend of active beneficial microbes and organic plant nutrition will continue to adapt to the environment around it, including you and everyone in your space.  As long as you don’t kill this precious culture with chemicals, extreme negativity and violence, it will continue to thrive.

Some people wonder how long it will take for our products to improve their health and well-being.  Our products don’t do anything TO you, like a drug would, and so the outcome is very individual.  They work in cooperation with your own will, your focused conscious intent and expressed behavior.

Living single-cell beneficial microbes are very sensitive to kinetic vibrations including touch and physical body expressions.  These cultures are the most productive when combined with gentle nurturing touch, loving thoughts and kind actions, especially between our own mind and body.  The rate of healing we each experience depends on our own participation in our regeneration process, on the amount of detoxification we need, and our personal nutrient deficiencies that must be overcome.

Our Love Communion Spray is a wonderful way to facilitate personal healing using nature’s finest botanicals and ancient cultures. 

Best wishes with the health and wellness of your amazing human body system.


We are not licensed medical providers. We sincerely hope our products improve your health and well-being, but we make no guarantees. As in all things, trust your wisest eternal Self with your own individual life and body system. If for any reason our products do not suit your needs, please discontinue use.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.