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Dear Fellow Artist, Crafter, Entrepreneur, Holistic Heath Lover and love-based Human Being,

We decided that we wanted to do so much more than just sell products online.  We want to help inspire an evolution of consciousness and life practices that are human and earth friendly and that encourage personal creativity, innovation, holistic health and well-being and living sustainable lives in harmony with our environment. 

Our intent is to form social media networks that encourage buyers to spend money directly on high energy products made by loving individuals rather than products made by large unhealthy corporations.  We believe that by working together, linking sites, using social media and lots of pictures, we can help each other to reach a larger audience with our projects and ideas. 

WE THE PEOPLE is a section on our website that is dedicated to featuring other people’s ideas, products, recipes, and inspiration.  If you would like to share information, have us feature your website, facebook, email or other link, or post a recipe, project idea or love-based parenting practice, please consider sharing your ideas with a larger audience. 

We will feature a new artist every few weeks on the Main Home Page of our website.  Once you have been featured, we will move your information to one of our pages within the website where people can continue to read about you.  We will be posting pictures on various social media sites to increase traffic flow.  If you make something that we can incorporate into our own product pictures, contact us about photo shoot collaborations. 


Name (Personal Name you want to go by online and company name if applicable):

Contact Information (email, website, facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, address, phone number, etc.)  Indicate which contact info you actually want posted on our website and which is for personal questions.

Project:  Pictures of your project, recipe, or idea with descriptions of what it is, how it is created, who created it and any important information that describes your project.  If you are submitting information about natural parenting, or other ideas recipes, etc., pictures are wonderful!!!!!

Creative Inspiration:  We want you to explain WHY you are inspired to do what you do.   We believe that creative, innovative and love-based imaginative projects help connect us to our ancestral wisdom, the natural world, our spiritual heritage, our personal identity as a creator being and other creative people, but we want you to express your creative motivation in your own words.  We hope to inspire others, especially young people, to fall in love with their own creative processes. 

Send your info and pics to clearwatercultures@gmail.com  under the subject WE THE PEOPLE submission. 

Thanks so much!

Many blessings to you,

Nonia, Destiny, Terra


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