Adaptogen Salve - Organic, Probiotic, & Medicinal - 2oz.

Adaptogen Salve - Organic, Probiotic, & Medicinal - 2oz.

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A powerful healing salve packed full of medicinal herbs that have historically been used to help detoxify poisons and heal: infections (bacterial, viral and fungal), abnormal cell replication, growths, tumors, skin diseases, poor circulation, nerve damage, and inflammation. 

Many of these herbs are known as adaptogens.  They help our body return to normal function when we are stressed physically and/or emotionally without causing any adverse side effects.  Adaptogens  enhance immune function, increase stamina, gobble up free-radicals and toxins, improve circulation and nutrient assimilation, and improve overall health and well-being.  We have combined these prebiotic medicinal herbs with two types of probiotics to improve their assimilation into the cells in order to enhance their healing actions.   

This listing is for one - 2oz. jar.    


All Organic Oils and Butter: pure virgin olive oil, castor oil, vitamin E oil and organic shea butter.

Probiotic Microbes: goat milk kefir, SCD ProBio (beneficial microorganisms).

Other: GSE (grapefruit seed extract).

Essential Oils: Oregano, Frankincense, Cinnamon, Marjoram, Myrrh, Thyme, Yarrow, Nutmeg, Clove.

Medicinal Mushrooms: (organic or wild-crafted) Chaga, Reishi, Shitake.

Medicinal Herbs: (organic, home-grown without chemicals or wild-crafted) Barberry, Basil, Blackberry leaves, Boswellia (frankincense), Burdock, Cat's Claw, Cayenne, Chaparral, Cleavers, Comfrey root, Dandelion root, Devil's Claw, Echinacea, Elder leaves, flowers and berries, Eleuthero ginseng root, Feverfew, Galangal, Goldenseal, Graviola (Sour Sop), Neem, Oregano, Pau d'arco, Plantain, Poke root, Red Clover, Rosemary, Self-Heal, Sheep's Sorrel, St. John's Wort, Thyme, Turmeric, White Oak Bark, Wormwood.

Suggested Use:

Keep cool when not in use to extend the life of the nutrients, oils and probiotic cultures.   In hot temperatures, oils may go rancid and probiotic cultures may sour.  You may want to store the bulk of the salve in the fridge and keep enough out for a week's use.   

Apply as needed.  Keep out of eyes.  This is a strong medicinal salve.  Before using pre-test your skin with a small amount.  It may be too strong for some people on tender skin around the eyes and intimate tissue.  It has been used for lymphatic congestion, poor circulation, nail fungus, cracked heels, moles and growths, sore muscles, tissue damage, scarring, and skin eruptions on the body.

A personal note from Nonia:  I use this salve every night on my tired feet while I do reflexology, lymph nodes (under both ears and down my neck, underarms, and sides of groin), and where ever I have aches and pains or unhealthy skin on my body.  I have found that my healing results increase when I take extra time to gently massage the salve deep into my tissues.


We are required by the FDA to make the following statement:*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Janet Marie

My husband has very sensitive skin and this salve has cleared all areas of inflammation and dry skin. This salve provides the body healing system with additional needed assistance. Along with Clearwater Cultures laundry kit and face soaps my husband’s skin problems are under control.
We highly recommend these products.

Christie Toth
Another Amazing Item...

When I was a teen, I pierced my nose. It was great for a bit until one day I woke up and the piercing had apparently gotten caught on something and my nose was so swollen! I got the stud out and never put it back in. I am now 40 and since then, I have had this large knot inside my nostril where that piercing was, it doesn't hurt, it's just there. I bought this to try and see if that knot would go away along with this ugly mole on my face. The knot in my nostril is about half the size it was. I put a little in there are rub as best I can every morning and night and it is shrinking! The mole on my face also appears to be getting smaller and less ugly. So, I have started putting this stuff on a spot on my leg that has been there for a few years now. Dermatologist said it was fine, but that sucker itches pretty bad every now and then and then swells (it is smaller than a dime). I have been using the adaptogen cream on that and we shall see if that finally shrinks/goes away. I have always been a firm believer that God put things here for us to use and we just need to figure out how to use them. Thank you Clearwater for all your hard work, dedication and love in creating these amazing products that do exactly what they say they will do. Simply amazing.

Jordan John

It is an amazing clarifier, detoxicant, probiotic, deodorant, and general vibration-raiser all in one.

Mary Thomas

I used this to heal my third degree burned hand. It healed it so my skin looks normal! No way. My joints are not normal from the scaring, but my skin is actually quite beautiful because of this salve! Then, I used this salve on my dog because she had run into something while she was running and created an open wound. The open wound was created on a cancer tumor on her leg. It would not heal for over a month. I finally used this salve, and it began healing the next day! It is all healed up. My dog actually likes when I say it is time for your lotion. She knows this helps her. She doesn't even lick it off. It is amazing. :)

Cheryl K.
Helps sooth eczema itch

Helps with my eczema outbreaks