Flower Power - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Flower Power - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Flower Power - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Flower Power - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Flower Power - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Flower Power - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Flower Power - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Flower Power - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Flower Power - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Flower Power - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Flower Power - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Flower Power - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Flower Power - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Flower Power - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Flower Power - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures

Flower Power - Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz.

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Flower Power Spray

Probiotic, Organic, & Medicinal Spray

A botanical bouquet of medicinal flowers cultured in a probiotic kombucha mother culture to create an uplifting biodynamic microbiome of nature's medicines for your skin, hair and home. 

For topical application to skin, hair and energy field to coat the body with a diverse and living microbiome of probiotic microorganisms, prebiotic medicinal aromatic flowers and essential oils.  Good for cleansing toxins, stagnant energy, reducing stress, and for bringing all things to the light of truth.

Each spray comes in a 4 ounce dark blue glass bottle with a spray top. 

Caution: This product contains a raw kombucha vinegar culture.  Keep out of eyes to avoid discomfort.


This is a blend of natural botanical flowers cultured in kombucha vinegar to create a powerful probiotic/prebiotic skin conditioner.   

Botanical Flowers: lavender flowers, wild rose blossoms, holly hocks, German chamomile, calendula, red clover blossoms, feverfew, borage, Self-heal, St. John’s wort, sage, honey suckle, old-fashioned lilies and a very small amount of motherwort flowers. 

All herbs are organic, home-grown without chemicals or personally wild-crafted. 

Essential OilsLavender and Rose Geranium.

Our cultures and infusions are placed on our culturing table for several weeks where we give them special treatments to improve their molecular structure and coherence, so that they can receive, store and send more high vibrational information.  We use a variety of natural technologies including orgone energy accumulators, Solfeggio tuning forks, Himalayan singing bowls, Life Light Rings, Coils and Environmental Harmonizer, Reiki, Crystals treated with LED healing frequencies, the earth's magnetic ressonance, Russian Schungite, and lots of love.  This culture is grown in pure water. 

Suggested Uses:

These medicinal flowers are all manifestations of the beautiful displays of sacred geometry, the divine Genesis pattern, and ancient Flower of Life organization, which creates holistic natural systems.  They are appealing to the eye and their aromas are spectacular.  They have been used in many places throughout the world to purify and bless the people, to ward off disease, as gifts for special occasions, weddings and passings.  

We believe that these flowers offer us high vibrational information and energies to assist us in our own self-balancing process.

These sprays can be used on people, animals and to clear the energy in rooms and various spaces.  Apply after showering to help nourish, deodorize, and detoxify the body.  Spray on hair, skin and clothes before going out in public to improve probiotic protection.  Spray entire body when exposed to chem trails or other airborne toxins.  Spray locally on skin or scalp conditions.  Spray in the energy field of a room to purify the air and help set an intent of peace and health.  Use to enhance meditation and prayer.   

Store at room temperature.  Do not freeze.  Shake bottle well before use. 

Where there is muscle or joint soreness, you may want to massage the liquid into the tissues for deeper penetration.  Apply as often as needed. 

When traveling, take off the spray top and reattach the cap.  When the bottle is tipped the probiotic culture is more likely to plug the spray tube.  If this happens rinse it well with hot water or clean with a small pipe cleaner. 

Ingredient Information:

It is a marvelous experience growing and wild-crafting these powerful flowers.  We are careful to keep the ingredients in our formulas whole and natural, rather than using just a few potentized chemical components of the plants while excluding the rest of the herb.  Whole plants and organisms extend their medicinal effects to all parts of life including the body, mind and spirit, micro and macro, male and female. 

We believe that flowers have a strong connection to higher spiritual planes of existence, as their vibrational frequencies are very high and refined, and so we have included spiritual uses as well as physical properties in the ingredient information. 

Knowing what properties a plant embodies helps us to align our own intent and self-nurturing acts with the plants energies in order to attract and magnify the things we each need for our own self-healing.  When using this spray, think about the ideas and experiences you wish to attract to yourself and ask the flower powers and probiotic microbes to assist you. 

Lavender is useful for attracting peace, happiness and restful sleep. It is used to lift ones spirits, reduce depression, grief and sorrow and aid in meditation, manifestation and divination. It is traditionally associated with fairies and elves and enhancing one’s awareness of the natural world. The element is primarily air. The scent is a refreshing and light aromatic.  It is very soothing for skin irritations, stings, bites and sunburn.

Rose Flowers and Petals have powerful energy fields, vibrating at very high rates.  They have been used historically to attract spiritual wisdom, eternal love, higher guidance, miracles, angels, paradise on earth, protection from evil, sanctification and spiritual holiness.  They represent God’s love at work on earth and are often associated in religious and esoteric traditions with Mary and Christ.  The element of the rose is primarily water.  The scent is heavy, warm and aromatic. 

Holy Hocks have been used in many cultures as an ingredient in their sacred healing medicines.  They represent the holy journey around the circle of life, including transformative experiences such as birth, adulthood, marriage, and death.  They have been used to attract abundance, to increase self-empowerment, and to improve the fertility of creative processes.  These resilient flowers are a great blessing to bees, butterflies, and humans.  They can grow even in poor soil and difficult conditions, and so they have been used by people around the world in foods, medicines and skin care formulas to improve our own resilience, adaptability and flexibility. They are very beneficial for skin, and have been used for thousands of years as an emollient and demulcent to treat chapping, and skin disorders, as well as inflammation, swelling, congestion, digestive ailments, sore throats and more. 

German chamomile carries the energetic signature of Love, healing, and stress reduction.  It has been used to calm the nerves, help promote relaxation and sleep, and center one’s energy.  Chamomile is associated with the energies of the sun and Sunday, water and the 5th chakra or power of expression.  The Anglo Saxons considered it one of their nine most sacred herbs to ward off disease and promote health.  It is used by many to instill positive energy in oneself, to attract prophetic dreams, and to personally connect to light and truth. It is used to soften skin, even out skin tones, heal skin and scalp problems, wounds, burns, inflammation, swelling, rashes, fevers, colds, flu, nausea, colic, asthma and nervous complaints.   

Calendula is also associated with the sun and the element of fire.  It is also called Summer’s Bride and Mary’s Gold and is thought to help attract the goddesses love and sheltering powers.  Many use it to activate innate healing abilities, to increase empathetic awareness, repair auric field damage, increase energetic protection, and attract divine love and self-empowerment.  It is a common ingredient in hair and skin care formulas and has been used to help heal skin diseases, muscle cramps, inflammation and pain. 

Red Clover Blossoms have long been used to strengthen and purify the blood.  This herb is metaphysically linked to the energies of divine bloodline and spiritual lineage.  In many ancient cultures red clover was associated with the Holy Trinity, Mary and the triads of life, including earth, sea and sky, body, mind and spirit, male, female and child. Red clover is one of the Celts sacred herbs and has been used by many people around the world to not only cleanse the blood, but to also assist with mental and spiritual health and well-being.  This powerful herb is known to help humans break cycles of negativity, create physical and energetic protection, overcome fear, inadequacy and insecurity, strengthen intuitive awareness and inner knowing, and magnify correct instinctual responses to external stimulation.  The uses of red clover as an herbal remedy go back centuries.  It is often used in liniments, balms, teas, poultices and culinary dishes for scalp conditions, skin diseases, sores, burns, pain, inflammation, colds, flu, fevers, and abnormal growths.  It is high in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

Feverfew Flowers are associated with spiritual and physical protection, clearing the air of destructive energies, and overcoming tough conditions.  Its element is the sun and fire.  Feverfew creates powerful energies around the head area, perhaps helping us to let go of false mental beliefs so we can realign our thought processes with eternal truths.  It is most commonly used for headaches, migraines, stress and inflammation.

Borage Flowers have been used for thousands of years to strengthen and give courage to a heavy heart, bring cheer, optimism and enthusiasm and encourage playfulness and spontaneity.  Borage was historically grown as an edible food, medicinal herb and to increase yields of honey.  It is an adaptogen, skin emollient, and has been used for chronic skin conditions and to improve adrenal function and help us deal with stress. 

Self-Heal or Heal-All is used to heal deep wounds, including trauma to the whole self, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, including what was considered the deepest wound of all, the loss of one’s belief in their own capacity to be whole and well.  It was used by many ancient healers to build a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms to help people stop giving their power away to others.  Spiritual healers considered it an herb that was very useful for major life transitions.  Self-Heal was used for inner soul work to rediscover one’s true divine identity in order to create full individual sovereignty.   And, Heal-All was used to help with outward transitions, such as birth, aging, marriage, moving, ending relationships and death.  It is an anti-inflammatory, anti-pathogenic herb that helps heal cuts, wounds, sores, injuries, stings, tumors fever, headaches and liver congestion.  It is often used as a lymphatic remedy, especially for breast issues, enlarged glands and lymphatic congestion. 

St. John’s Wort is associated with St. John the Baptist.  Historically the herb was soaked in olive oil creating a beautiful red infusion that was used to anoint the sick with what was considered a representation of the “Blood of Christ”.  This herbal anointing oil was believed to help protect from evil spirits, negative energies and loss of self-awareness and personal will.  The plants were gathered around the time of the summer solstice, where they were thought to embody the light of the sun/son to help regulate and sustain light and hope within each soul, so that power would not be abdicated to false external sources.  St. John’s wort is used for wounds, injuries, nerve pain, depression, stress and anxiety, inflammation and pathogens.  It is a powerful immune system stimulator.

Sage has been used since ancient times in many different healing traditions to dispel lower frequencies, negative energies, evil spirits, curses, etc., so that there can be a restoration of self-awareness, self-balance and holistic internal function.  It is used to heighten spiritual receptivity to divine purpose, mental connection to eternal truths, and physical sensitivity to the natural world so that each soul can make wise choices, as a “Sage” would do.  It is used for depression, inflammation and to stimulate cell renewal, correct free-radical damage, improve blood circulation, wrinkles and aging. 

Honey Suckle was used in many cultures to attract and create the energies of true love, inner knowledge, peace, prosperity, intuitive knowingness, psychic and spiritual powers, clear mindedness and the ability to sort out truth.  It is an anti-oxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, detoxifier and expectorant that has been used for skin infections, rashes, skin disorders and as an immune booster.  

Lilies have historically symbolized the trinity, the three-fold energies of hope, faith, and charity, as well as the three-fold geometry of the fleur-de-lis which represents the beatitudes of chastity, virtue, innocence, friendship, devotion and protection.  It is used for rebirthing and reclaiming the divine feminine.  It is a powerful anti-oxidant that has been used to treat burns, wounds, bruises, sores, bites, inflammation and to prevent scarring.  Lilies are very high in vitamin C. 

Motherwort is associated with the energies of longevity, immortality and spiritual healing.  The Greeks used it to sooth the anxiety of pregnant women, and thus its name.  It has been used to build inner trust and confidence and to create protection from destructive energies.    

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