Key Lime - Organic & Probiotic - Lip Balm - .15 oz. - Oval Tub - Clearwater Cultures

Key Lime - Organic & Probiotic - Lip Balm - .15 oz. - Oval Tub

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Lip Balms: Probiotic and Organic

Mouth and Lips—The opening into our body, where we breathe in outside contaminants, what we kiss others with, where we first encounter various foods, drinks and foreign germs. 

Lips need probiotic protection as much as our skin does. Our lip balms are made to help heal and moisturize the lips and coat them with living probiotic microbes to help defend against poisons, parasites and pathogens. Mouth sores, such as canker sores, are often caused from a lack of probiotic protection around the mouth. Probiotic cultures are one of Nature's medicines for infections. 

This listing is for one lip balm. Each comes is a .15 oz oval tube.


INGREDIENTS: organic coconut oil, organic castor oil, organic jojoba oil, organic mango butter, organic beeswax, organic (non-GMO) vitamin E oil, goat milk kefir, non-GMO food grade vegetable glycerin, organic stevia, organic citric acid, grapefruit seed extract, 100% pure lime essential oil and 100% pure vanilla essential oil.