Wise Man Beard Oil - Organic & Medicinal - 1oz. (formerly kings mane oil)

Wise Man Beard Oil - Organic & Medicinal - 1oz. (formerly kings mane oil)

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We have changed the name of Kings Mane to Wise Man.

So a different label but the same wonderful product.


Why apply oil to the beard?

Beard oil is supposed to moisturize facial hair and the skin beneath. By hydrating the skin underneath the hair, it helps softenstrengthen, and tame beard hair.

The herbs are infused into the sunflower/jojoba oil mix for a few days on low heat, to ensure maximum medicinal benefits of the herbs. All the herbs that were selected for this beard blend are high in nutrients to support hair health.

This listing is for a 1oz. amber dropper bottle.

Suggested Use: Use 1 dropper full (should be about a dimes size) or as desired. Add oil to palm of hands and stroke into beard starting at the base, then using finger tips massage into the skin were the roots are, rubbing the oil to the hair ends.

Leave in for conditioning and shine. Comb if desired.

Do this after the shower and/or after you wash your face in morning or at night before bed. Or whenever you think about it. Twice daily for best results.

Do not wash beard with shampoo everyday as it will dry your beard out and get rid of natural oils that are for a healthy beard.



Oils: Sunflower and Jojoba

Herbs: Aloe, Arnica, Barley, Burdock, Calendula, Catnip, Chaga Mushroom, chamomile, Cleavers, Comfrey, dandelion, Elderberry Flowers and Leaves, Heal All, Horsetail, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Lemongrass, Marshmallow, Marigold, Mint, Mullein, nettle, Oat Straw, Plantain, Wild Rose Hip Petals, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Yarrow.

Essential Oil Blend: Rosemary, Sage, Juniper Berry, Bergamot 


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Holly E.
Tame facial hair like the king of the Forrest

My husband loves this product and I love the way he smells!

Brandon H.

Amazing I love everything that I get from Clearwater cultures. Thank you so much for the amazing products!