Medicinal Mushroom - Probiotic, Organic & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Medicinal Mushroom - Probiotic, Organic & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Medicinal Mushroom - Probiotic, Organic & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures
Medicinal Mushroom - Probiotic, Organic & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz. - Clearwater Cultures

Medicinal Mushroom - Probiotic, Organic & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz.

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Medicinal Mushroom Body Spray is a biodynamic formula made to nourish your skin's natural microbiome.  Made from a probiotic culture of Kombucha Vinegar grown in organic or wild-crafted Medicinal Mushrooms: Chaga, Reishi, Shitake and Cordyceps with various essential oils, crystals, gems and pure water

Medicinal Mushrooms are known to detoxify the body, boost immune system responses, help prevent abnormal cell growths, help with stress and much more.  Each herb has been wild-crafted from pristine parts of the wilderness or grown without chemicals by loving people to ensure optimum energetic and medicinal potency.

Comes in a 4-ounce dark blue glass bottle.  Spray nozzle included.  

Probiotic Organic Medicinal

These probiotic cultures have been used on people, animals, and to clear the energy in rooms and various spaces.  They can be used to coat the body with living probiotic and prebiotic microorganisms in order to help boost immune system responses, heal skin disorders, cleanse toxins and unnatural substances, calm and balance emotions, lift the mood, clear the energy field and body of unhealthy attachments, and to improve inner balance and spiritual vision.  (See section below for further uses.

These cultures are given many treatments using various natural technologies, including Life Light rings, coils, and environmental harmonizer, sound attunements with Solfeggio tuning forks and Himalayan Singing Bowls, structural imprinting from Gemstone Epitaxy Elixirs, and energy enhancement with Orgonite Energy Accumulators and Human Prayers and blessings with the intent to improve all healing properties.  See Our Process page for further descriptions of these technologies.

The water we use in our cultures and products comes from a deep well that taps into underground streams that flow naturally from the wilderness of the high mountains of the Continental Divide through one of the largest gemstone deposits in the United States, thus Idaho’s nickname, “The Gem State”.  According to the Science of Epitaxy, the liquid crystalline matrix in water is known to record information from the very ancient and solid crystalline matrix in crystals and gemstones.  We believe that the water we are using has a vast internal library of information within its structural geometry that it can deliver into human bodies. 

Suggested Uses:   These probiotic cultures have been used on people, animals and to clear the energy in rooms and various spaces.  They can be used to coat the body with living probiotic and prebiotic microorganisms in order to boost immune system responses, help cleanse toxins and unnatural substances, calm and balance emotions, lift the mood, clear the energy field and body of unhealthy attachments, and to improve inner balance and spiritual vision.

Apply after showering to help deodorize the body.  Spray on hair, skin and clothes before going out in public to improve probiotic protection.  Spray entire body when exposed to chem trails or other airborne toxins.  Spray locally on skin or scalp conditions.  Use as a leave-in hair treatment.  Apply directly to areas of the skin that are toxic and in need of cleansing and healing.  Apply to scalp conditions.

Spray in the energy field of a room to purify the air and help set an intent of peace and health.  When traveling spray vehicles, motel rooms and bedding.  Spray shoes to help deodorize and prevent pathogenic bacteria and fungus from growing.  Apply to gym lockers, shopping cart handles, door knobs, pet beds and various places where germs build up. 

Some people use these cultures to open energy centers in the body (chakras), and to improve their results while using natural hands-on healing modalities such as massage, reiki, touch healing, acupressure, reflexology, meditation, body and emotion code, and during various intuitive and psychic healing work.  These cultures have also been used to assist with addiction, depression, possession, abuse, neglect, and various mental, emotional and physical problems. 

The culture can be applied directly to the skin either using the spray nozzle or using the hand.  Many people enjoy using their fingers to apply the liquid directly over the 3rd eye, to the crown chakra and over other chakra openings. These cultures can be used as probiotic blessing waters along with prayer and healing sessions.  Some people have experienced remarkable sensations from their application to the crown chakra in conjunction with prayer, meditation, mantras, affirmations and singing or playing music.   

Pay close attention to your skin and body when you apply these cultures.  You are working with highly intelligent beneficial organisms.  As one of our intuitive customers so wisely stated to us, “Wow, they have consciousness!”  There are approximately 10 microorganisms to every one human cell.  Enlist them in your own healing work.  They respond to gratitude and love.  Focus on what you desire to happen and also be open to new understandings and possibilities of goodness.

Caution: Keep out of eyes.  If you get these sprays in your eyes it may burn a little from the vinegar.  To relieve eyes, flush with water. 

Spray Top Caution: The live culture in the spray can cause the spray top to plug up.  To extend the life of the spray nozzle, always keep the plastic cap on when not in use and always store the bottle upright.  If traveling or transporting, reapply the plastic cap and reattach the spray nozzle when needed.  If the spray nozzle gets plugged with microbes, just rinse it well in warm water or use a pipe cleaner to unplug it.   We cannot guarantee the life span of the spray nozzles.  

For non-spray applications you may opt to leave the plastic cap on the bottle and use your fingers to pour a small amount out at a time.

Ingredient Information:

Kombucha Vinegar: Kombucha is an ancient probiotic culture that starts out as a probiotic tea, but after culturing for several months, becomes a probiotic vinegar. It contains gluconic acid which chelates metals like aluminum from the body. It has a remarkable ability to detoxify the body, containing a powerful detoxifier glucuronic acid, which binds toxins and eliminates them from the body and helps prevent the harmful effects of toxins caused by plastics, pesticides, resins, heavy metals and petroleum products.

Kombucha possesses antibiotic properties which work against a range of pathogens, including staph and strep.

Kombucha is rich in numerous antioxidants which strengthen the immune defense and boost the energy levels of the body. The anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties of kombucha help the body fight various bacterial and viral infections, as well as fungal infections such as candida overgrowth.

Kombucha contains large amounts of organic acids such as glucuronic acids and powerful antioxidants, which help shield the body from oxidative damage. Studies have shown that glucuronic acid present in kombucha helps prevent various cancers including pancreatic and breast cancer. The lactic acid present in kombucha helps bring the body’s PH level into a balance making cancer difficult to develop. It improves cell metabolism and immune system responses.

Kombucha contains glucosamines which are beneficial in the prevention and treatment of all types of arthritis, stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid which helps maintain cartilage structure and relieve arthritic pain. Hyaluronic acid aids in reducing free radical damage, and preserves lubrication and elasticity of the joints.

Kombucha contains anti-lipidemic properties, which help reduce the absorption of bad cholesterol and triglycerides, while it elevates the levels of good cholesterol in the body. Kombucha is a powerful detoxifier on its own, but when cultured and grown with medicinal mushrooms, its healing properties are greatly enhanced. Many people report great improvements in their skin and hair after using kombucha vinegar topically.

MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS: Medicinal mushrooms are adaptogens. An adaptogen is a substance that helps the body adapt to stress and normalizes all of the body’s processes to balance and restore it.

Chaga and Reishi are known as the King and Queen of Immortality, respectively. They grow on trees, by supporting them and channeling their energy. Chaga and Reishi do not grow on dead trees. Nor are they parasitic to the tree they grow on. Quite the opposite – they support and nourish that tree. Food that grows on trees tends to be much older than the annual food we generally consume. This means they provide us with a different type of energy than eating, for example, an annual herb. Some herbalists believe that eating medicinal mushrooms allows us to access the inherent cellular intelligence of the ancient world around us. Chinese, Japanese and Asian cultures have revered both these mushrooms as sources of immortality for thousands of years.

Chaga and Reishi are food for our immune system. They are a ‘soft’ food meaning they can cause no harm, no matter how much is taken. They can be eaten by anyone including children, sick people, the elderly etc. because they work with the individual at their current level of health.

Chaga: Clinically proven to be one of nature’s oldest, safest and most powerful medicinal herbs. Chaga is an immune support, adaptogen, antioxidant, inhibits tumor growth, anti-mutagenic, cancer prevention, anti-aging. Chaga has the highest anti-oxidant value measuring 36,557 compared to gogi berries at 400, acai at 800 and blueberries at 24.5. Chaga has the highest ORAC score for natural foods or supplements as tested by the USDA and Tufts University in Boston, MA.

Chaga Mushroom is classified as neither a plant nor animal. The DNA structure is 30% more human than plant. Chaga Mushroom is classified scientifically as a Basidiomycetes mushroom and is far superior to the rest of 150 species of Basidiomycetes, that have been classified as medicinal mushrooms.

Reishi Mushroom: supports and regulates immune function at the level of the bone marrow, increasing production of immune cells. It is used in China to protect the immune system from damaging effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Reishi is a heart tonic, reducing blood pressure, cholesterol and keeps the arteries pliable and soft. Helps the respiratory system by facilitating oxygen absorption, supports and protects the liver against damage from chemicals, toxins and infection, scavenges free radicals, has antihistamine activity, is antimicrobial and antifungal, absorbs heavy metals and promotes nutrient absorption.Reishi is known to open the heart, calm the spirit, enhance wisdom and support spiritual insight.

Cordyceps: is known to have anti-aging effects, detoxifies the body, boosts immune function, improves respiratory and heart health, stamina and athletic performance, acts as a natural aphrodisiac, prevents certain types of cancer, slows the aging process, fights diabetes and improves liver function.

Shitake: contains all eight essential amino acids including linoleic acid. Linoleic acid helps with weight loss and building muscle. It also has bone-building benefits, improves digestion, and reduces food allergies and sensitivities. 

Shitake supports immune function, helping to combat many diseases, including cancer cells.  The lentinan in shitake helps heal chromosome damage caused by anticancer treatments and may help inhibit the growth of tumor cells.

Shitake mushrooms have sterol compounds that interfere with the production of cholesterol in the liver.  They also contain potent phytonutrients that help keep cells from sticking to blood vessel walls and forming plaque buildup, which improves circulation and helps to maintain healthy blood pressure. 

Shitake contains antimicrobial properties against pathogens, boosts energy and brain function, provides many B vitamins, supports adrenal function, helps balance hormones naturally, provides vitamin D, improves skin conditions and acts as a natural acne treatment.

We are required by the FDA to make the following statement: *


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Excellent Healing Properties!

I had a third degree burn on my hands. After my tissues rejuvenated, I used adaptogen salve, medicinal mushroom, and healing cream or healthy cell cream. My skin looks amazing!! This feeds skin!! I thought I would look massively deformed and scared, but, these creams and liquid fed my skin to heal to look as best as it could be! Definitely no one will stop and stare at me! Thank you!!!! :))

Pollyanna Candalot
Medicinal Mushroom Spray

I am completely in love, with this spray !!!!!! It is one of the first thing I do upon arising!!!!! Why...... first of I immediately notice how it balances me. Physically, mentally & emotionally !!! After reading the info & knowing a bit about some of ingredients & healing technology’s ( crystals, tuning forks, ect ) I know it is aiding my immune system, detoxing, keeping my cellular structure protected & healthy !!! I also use it in clearing out energy in many situations, change of massage client, grumpy people, chem trails, many many ways!!! I am so GRATEFUL, to & for the Clearwater Culture, family & our BEAUTIFUL world, plants, cultures, gems, ect !!!!! INFINITE LOVE & GRATITUDE !!!!!