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Nirvana - Milk & Honey - Detox Bath Soak - Various Sizes

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Nirvana Milk, Honey & Oats Skin Soother   


Epsom salt, Redmond Salt, diatomaceous earth, zeolite, Sea salt, non-aluminum baking soda, non-GMO cornstarch, borax, organic oats, dehydrated milk powder, organic honey powder, selenium.

Organic Medicinal Herbs:  skullcap, chamomile, hops, cloves, aloe, myrrh and comfrey root. 

Essential oils: lavender, rose geranium, orange & peppermint.  

5 ounces

Suggested Use:  Add to bath water or foot soaks and Enjoy! 

This bath soak combination is designed to leave your skin feeling silky and your nerves feeling soothed.  It contains nervine herbs that have historically been used to ease stress and tension, as well as herbs known to help heal skin conditions and tissue damage.  It has many different detoxifiers and nutrients.  Milk & Honey has long been a favorite formula among skin lovers. 

Remember to do plenty of massage and exfoliation while in this soak using one of our probiotic soaps to increase your cleansing and healing action. 

For more ideas on lymphatic and circulatory system massage while bathing see our Suggested Use section on the home page.   

For more information about the ingredient properties in this product go to our Ingredients section on the home page.


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