Nova (Brightening) Face Toner - Organic, Probiotic, & Medicinal - 2oz.
Nova (Brightening) Face Toner - Organic, Probiotic, & Medicinal - 2oz. - Clearwater Cultures

Nova (Brightening) Face Toner - Organic, Probiotic, & Medicinal - 2oz.

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What is the purpose of a face toner? The purpose of face toner is to follow facial washing and before moisturizing. It helps to shrink pores, restore skins pH balance, adds an extra layer of protection, acts like a moisturizer itself, can brighten, leave skin glowing, help refresh skin, and even help with acne and trouble spots.

We have developed an 8 week witch hazel infusion of herbs, minerals, and oils all that help with the preservation of your skins health.

Our Nova Face Toner Blend was created to specialize in brightening and adding extra glow to the skin. All the herbs that are used are specific for helping the luster your skins health. We use witch hazel as our base cause it is a great pore tightener. It also helps battle excess oils and acne break outs.


Herbs: Ashwagandha, Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger, Hibiscus, Holy Basil (Tulsi), Lavender, Lemon Balm, Lemon Peel, Red Raspberry Leaf, Rose Hip Seeds and Petals, Rose Petals, Rosemary, Sea buckthorn

Oils: Rose Hip Seed Oil, Vitamin E Oil

Others: Witch Hazel

Probiotic: Rice Ferment

Suggested Use: Spray onto a cotton ball and wipe face. Let air dry. Or Spray directly onto face while avoiding eyes and massage in then let air dry.

For a suggested routine: Wash face with our Luminous Soap, (our suggested face soap cause of its smooth texture and soft moisturizing affect). Then apply the face toner of your choice. Let dry. For a following moisturizer and healing we suggest using our  Vitality Cream (our suggested face cream). This is our face routine that can be done once or twice daily or as desired.

Why add Rose Hip Seed Oil and Vitamin E? 

Rose Hip Seed Oil help hydrates the skin. Hydration is essential for soft, supple skin. It contains a wealthy amount of essential fatty acids which are vital in allowing the antioxidants to travel deep in to the skins tissue for hydration. This also allows for maximum moisturizing to occur. Rose Hip Oil is high in Vitamin A and C which helps with natural exfoliation leaving dull skin glowing and vibrant. Vitamin A helps encourage skin cell turnover and Vitamin C helps with cell regeneration thus both with boosting the skins cells leaving you with overall radiance. It also is a natural skin sun protector.(please do not sure in place of sunscreen)

Vitamin E Oil helps with moisturizing, hydrating, and reducing blemishes such as scars and permanent marks. It also helps in the reduction of wrinkles.