Seaweed Skin Detox -Organic, Medicinal, & Probiotic - Mineral Facial Mask - 1.3oz
Seaweed Skin Detox -Organic, Medicinal, & Probiotic - Mineral Facial Mask - 1.3oz - Clearwater Cultures
Seaweed Skin Detox -Organic, Medicinal, & Probiotic - Mineral Facial Mask - 1.3oz - Clearwater Cultures

Seaweed Skin Detox -Organic, Medicinal, & Probiotic - Mineral Facial Mask - 1.3oz

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Seaweed Skin Detox is a combination of 14 different natural cleansers, herbal nutrients, clays and MSM powder. This unique formula is designed to pull toxins, heavy metals and poisons out of your cells, while nourishing your tissues with many vitamins and minerals. EM powder adds Effective Microorganisms to the mix giving you a deep probiotic cleanse.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND use of this particular skin detox if you have HYPERTHYROIDISM as the bladderwrack and dulse may overstimulate your thyroid.

The powder is mixed with water and spread across your skin. As it dries, toxins are pulled out, cells are fed vital nutrition and pores are tightened. As the paste begins to dry, certain areas of your skin may itch as toxins are pulled out. If the itch gets too intense place your hand on your skin and either gently hold it or brush across your skin. This stimulates your lymphatics to cleanse more efficiently.

This Seaweed Skin Detox comes in powder form in a cobalt blue PET 2 oz jar. The dry weight of powder you will receive is 1.3 oz and is enough for approximately 15 facial applications of 1 teaspoon each of powder. This skin detox can be used on other parts of the body besides the face.

When applied it is green. It will not stain your skin.

INGREDIENTS: French Green Clay, *Honey Powder, * Aloe Vera Powder, MSM, Diatomaceous Earth, Zeolite, EM Powder, *Kelp, *Bladderwrack, *Irish Moss, *Spirulina, *Slippery Elm, *Dulse, *Chlorella *ORGANIC

DIRECTIONS: It takes approximately 1 teaspoon of powder to cover the face and neck. Put the desired amount of powder in a small glass or ceramic container, add water and stir with a plastic or wooden spoon (no metal) until you create a paste about the consistency of yogurt. Use your fingers to spread the paste evenly across your skin. This skin detox should be left on until it dries, about 20 minutes, or as long as desired.

Use a chemical-free (no detergents or dryer sheet residue) natural fabric cloth (cotton, hemp, flax, rayon, silk) that won't matter if it gets stained when you are ready to wash the detox off. Hold the wet cloth soaked in warm water against the dried detox paste and moisten until it softens. Using gentle motions, wash the detox off. If desired, take before and after pictures so you can see the difference in your skin. This skin detox is beneficial to plumbing and septic systems and the environment, so don't be concerned about washing it down the drain.



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