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Chai Detoxification Bath Soak - 5 ounces

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This is a probiotic home spa treatment that was formulated to mimic the natural minerals, salts and microorganisms in hot springs.  For thousands of years many people have soaked in mineral waters to facilitate detoxification of poisons, pathogens and parasites.  Through the skin, vital minerals, nutrients and probiotic microbes can also be absorbed into the body. 

This bath soak contains a combination of medicinal herbs that have been used historically to help with aches and pains, poor circulation, detoxification, inflammation, and healing.   

Contains Natural Cleansers and Detoxifiers: Epsom salt, Redmond Salt, Diatomaceous Earth, Fresh water Zeolite, Sea Salt, non-aluminum Baking Soda, Borax, non-GMO Cornstarch, Pascalite Clay, Selenium, EM Ceramic powder (contains essential probiotic microorganisms).

Medicinal Herbs: ginger, mustard, myrrh, alfalfa, kelp, cloves, capsicum.  Home-grown without chemicals, personally wild-crafted, or purchased organically.

Essential Oils: lemon & orange.

Suggested Use:  Add packet to bath water and enjoy.  May also be used as a foot soak.  Make sure to drink plenty of pure water while bathing.  To enjoy the full benefits of detoxification during bathing make sure to exfoliate your tissues with different types of natural fiber stimulators such as sea sponges, soft natural fiber brushes and washcloths.  See our Suggested Use section for further cleansing suggestions.  Use as often as desired. 

For further information about the ingredients in this bath soak, see our Ingredients section on the home page.


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