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Wise Woman - Organic, Probiotic, & Medicinal - Body Spray - 4oz.

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Wise Woman Microbiome Mist

A botanical blend of adaptogenic herbs fermented and cultured in aged kombucha to create bio-available and biodiverse nutrients for your health needs.  These herbs have been historically used to help with hormones, female reproductive system, stress, endurance, and nutrition.  

Not for use during pregnancy. 

Use topically as often as needed especially after showering or before dressing each morning.

Medicinal Herbs:  Ashwagandha*, astragalus*, maca root, red raspberry leaves, dong quai, comfrey, licorice, nettle, shatavari, shilijit, ginger, wild rose blossoms and hips, alfalfa, borage, uva ursi, blessed thistle, damiana and green tea.

Essential Oils: frankincense, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang, vanilla, cassia.

Probiotic Culture: Kombucha and indigenous microorganisms.

Pure Water: from deep underground in the mountains of Idaho, infused with gemstones and treated with tuning forks and other natural technologies.

 Suggested Uses:   

These sprays can be used on people, animals and to clear the energy in rooms and various spaces.  Apply after showering for topical nutrition and to help deodorize the body. 

Spray on hair, skin, and clothes before going out in public to improve probiotic protection. 

Spray entire body when exposed to chemtrails or other airborne toxins.  

Spray locally on skin or scalp conditions.  This spray is high in silica and nutrients that help to improve hair growth.   Many people enjoy it as a leave-in or rinse-out hair treatment.   

Spray in the energy field of a room to purify the air and help set an intent of peace and health.  Use to enhance meditation and prayer.

Store at room temperature.  Do not freeze.  Shake bottle well before use. 

Where there is muscle or joint soreness, you may want to massage the liquid into the tissues for deeper penetration.  Apply as often as needed. 

When traveling, take off the spray top and reattach the cap.  When the bottle is tipped the probiotic culture is more likely to plug the spray tube.  If this happens rinse it well with hot water or clean with a small pipe cleaner. 




We are not licensed medical providers. We sincerely hope our products improve your health and well-being, but we make no guarantees. As in all things, trust your wisest eternal Self with your own individual life and body system.

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