We believe in the right of Informed Choice including our right to know what ingredients go into the things we eat, wear, use and grow.  We have tried to give our buyers as much information as possible so that you can make conscious choices about your own body.

The following list contains information on the historical uses of fossils, clays, probiotic cultures, plant oils and natural substances. This material is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used as medical advice or as prescriptions for disease. We are not licensed medical providers. We do not profess to cure disease or disorders. We leave all healing to God and Nature.

This information is simply a presentation of health possibilities and potential uses.  Historically natural life forms have been used in healing practices throughout the world.  As long as natural products are kept whole and not synthesized, unnaturally potentized, or chemically altered they do not create side-effects like drugs and petrochemicals.  All natural herbs and substances should be used with wisdom and care.  

This Section of the Website covers: Probiotics, Plant Oils, Natural Cleansers, Clays and Minerals and Misc. Ingredients.   

Probiotic Cultures & Beneficial Microorganisms

Plant Oils & Butters

Medicinal Herbs & Mushrooms

Natural Cleansers & Clays








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